OPPO UDP-203 and UDP-205 now Roon Ready

…or buy something else.

Nope, there is no multichannel solution above the miniDSP UDAC-8 but below the exaSound e38 except HDMI into a prepro or AVR. FWIW, I cannot play DSD512 but see no need for it. I play my files in native format and I have only 1 DSD512 recording.

Yes an image of the signal path would be useful…cheers. Here 'tis

Just a quick question. If you use a Mac as server is it possible to send DSD258 and DSD512 to the Oppo 205 - it looks like no driver is needed for Mac and I just worried that there were limits to what level of DSD that could be send by MAC over USB to the Oppo

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Anybody know the settings on Oppo for a two channel audio only setup using the UDP-205 as a Roon Endpoint?

This is how I’m setup on my UDP-203. Hope that helps.

Thanks. But I meant on Oppo menus. Not on Roon

I can’t screen shot those, but it’s pretty intuitive. Is there a setting you are having trouble with?

Yes. Do I only look at the Stereo Signal sub menu set it down-mix, or also at “speaker configuration” submenu, and change those to stereo down mix, speakers to large, no subwoofer, as well?

How about crossovers? I don’t one any crossovers applied on Oppo, since I have the preamp taking care of those

My settings are as follows: I have a six speaker 2.0 stereo, 7.1 setup (11 speakers plus sub)

My crossover is set at 80Hz.
Downmix mode 7.1 (stereo is a choice)
Stereo speakers mains set to large
mostly stereo listening via integrated amp (pre)

Oppo Digital phone support is available if you have specific questions on how the downmix is applied…

If you only connect it with two speakers and without subwoofer, then yes, you should set both to large, no subwoofer, and downmix to stereo. Crossover setting should not matter if all speakers are set to large.

This depends whether you listen to multichannel music or stereo music only. If you only listen to stereo music, you needn’t to down mix the signal via oppo (you can use the setting of rrwwss52). If your source is multichannel music, you have two possibilities: use the down mix of the Oppo and send the stereo signal to your amp or let your amp doing the down mix. I do it the second way.

@wklie and @Frank_Klaeren: are you guys talking about the “Stereo Signal” sub menu or “speakers” sub menu? both under “audio processing” main menu.

Source is two-channel stereo, using Roon. Using dedicated stereo XLR analog outputs on Oppo (NOT the analog multi channel range of outputs).

Recommended settings for stereo output are on page 64.
Audio processing starts on page 59.


Page 64 refers to the analog multi channel outputs on Oppo. Nothing to do with the dedicated stereo outputs (XLR and RCA)

take a look at page 15. The downmix settings shouldn’t matter. Read subnote on page 15.

That’s it! Thanks.

It appears that once the dedicated stereo outs on Oppo are connected to a stereo pre or integrated or amp, then nothing on the other settings (such as Audio Processing) matter.

I found this from Oppo on Facebook.