Can anyone recommend a meta tag editor for MacOS?

I don’t want to edit in Roon in case Roon one day disappears etc, so I want to make sure my tags are perfect in the files themselves.

Musicbrainz Picard




I use Metadatics, and am extremely happy with it. I tried Yate long ago, but didn’t get on with it. Metadatics is my recommendation.


It’s not the most powerful or auto-magicical editor I’ve used… but I enjoy Meta for quick edits on my Mac.



I use YATE:

Not free of charge. Good sw sometimes costs a few pennies.


Not sure this software belongs here, but if I am fixing any tags outside of Roon, I use the software player Swinsian for the task. An absolute little beast when it comes to fixing tricky metadata issues, bad capitalisation and other edits which are best done in batch.

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Tag Editor is particularly well designed for classical music tracks:

You can edit [work] and [movement] tags with ease, which will help you group tracks properly and overcome Roon frequent mistakes in this respect.

dbPoweramp for Mac could also be a solution.

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You have to try
It’s free and powerful especially for mass changes on a lot of files.
Learning curve is there but it’s worth the effort

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Meta. I’ve been using it for a couple of years and it is great. Beautifully designed, and really powerful and stable. Highly recommend.

Correction - John mentioned it earlier!


Jaikoz is an excellent meta editor, I have been using it for many years.

Yate!. I have used every single one for Mac at a previous point and Yate beats them all. You can use it for just basic stuff or you can get it doing a bunch of automated look up from MusicBrainz, Discogs, Beatport, and whatever else there is. Any time I have had an issue the owner gets back to me that day, sometimes in only a couple of minutes. It also has the best features for Roon users that the other tagging programs simply do not have including settings on how to apply metadata in a specific Roon readable way.

Edit: In the latest release last week, Song Kong added some of these Roon specific features and tags.


I have used Music Tag Editor for years and may be your solution.

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Being a PC-person myself, I use the quite excellent mp3Tag as my only editor. However, following its latest release earlier this week it was announced that a macOS version is only weeks away. I suggest trying it out, once available!

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Or its automatic Brother SongKong, it reads metadata from MusicBrainz and Discogs

There is a 20% offer for Roon users

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Would a tag editor help Roon know if my CD singles are actual singles and not albums? I find that very hit and miss. I am only on my trial and I fixed a few in Roon but would rather fix them in a external editor in case I don’t stick with Roon. Thanks.

There is now also a very stable Beta of MP3Tag available for Mac.

There is supposed to be, but it does not work. I have already taken this up with Roon, but so far there has been no answer. Roon is supposed to read an album “type” tag and set the album type in Roon, but you have to manually select it in Roon. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

+1 for Meta. Love the simplicity and ease of use. On top of that it’s a beautiful app and works flawlessly

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