Can I connect Nucleus by HDMI to an older Non Roon Ready AVR and let AVR decode and play files?

Hello…very much a novice and still trying to understand the core and/or the Nucleus. I have a Denon X7200wa AVR that is NOT Roon Ready but the Roon ap picks up my Denon AVR. Can I store my hi res files on Nucleus, connect to my Denon by HDMI or USB and let the Denon decode and play the files? Will I be passing through full high res? Just using a usb drive connected to Denon now and that works but Denon ap is a little unstable. Also using my Mac laptop as a core now and connecting to AVR with Air Play but obviously not getting full high res. Will I be able to Stream Tidal in full high res if my AVR is connected to Nucleus with HDMI or USB? Any help would be appreciated!

Yes you can connect Nucleus to AVR via HDMI and playback PCM to the resolution your receiver is capible of. (PCM up to 24-bit/192kHz). Also plays multi-channel PCM files via HDMI. Will not play DSD over HDMI.

I’ve had NUC/ROCK (DIY nucleus) to Denon AVR 8500H for years.

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Thank you. Really appreciate it. I currently have my MacBook Pro as a core connected to my Denon with an HDMI. I have lossless files I am playing from its hard drive but only getting a green light on the Roon signal path and not the lossless purple light. Is that a function on the laptop? Would the nucleus get me that true lossless pass through if the files are stored on its hard drive? When I play the lossless files from a usb drive connected directly to the AVR the Denon displays the full 192/24. Would the Mac pass through lossless from Tidal if connected to my AVR with HDMI?

What is the signal path display showing. Could be something with the HDMI driver, are there settings you can adjust. The signal path display could provide a clue.

Here is a pic of the signal path. Not sure how I would adjust HDMI settings. Would it be on Mac or AVR?

Based on what I see in the Signal Path the HDMI OS Mixer appears to be downgrading the signal. Is that something on the MAC?

For that zone in Roon what does the device settings have defined?

You are using the Mac OS mixer… Try using Core Audio if you can with HDMI.


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