Can I favorite [Tidal] songs from a playlist?

I have been doing the work of transferring/adding playlists, albums and songs to ROON from Tidal in order to gain the “like/:heart:” functionality. However, I still cannot figure out how to favorite songs from playlists that I have added to ROON. Is this possible?

If not I would like to have that functionality added to ROON - It is very time consuming to be listening to a song and have to go to the album to either like it or unlike it and remove it from a playlist.

Hi Robert,

It can be done, select the track (right click/long press) in the play list and then click on the ‘the dots’ icon to open up the menu.

Thanks Carl - I am on mac so I don’t have a right click. Here is what I get when I double click/long click or just regular click.

There is no difference between PC and Mac versions, but I can see that you have selected a Tidal track in your list where as I was looking at local tracks.

I know there are some behavioural differences between how local and Tidal tracks and handled.

Just confirmed what your seeing with Tidal tracks, looks like a bug to me. One for @support to note.

You can only Favorite tracks that are in your library. Are you sure these tracks were to added to your library, in addition to being added to the playlist?

Hi Mike,

That’s a good point in my second test I was using a Tidal playlist which has tracks that are not in my lib … doh!

For Tidal tracks that are in my lib the favourite option is available.

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I imported the lists from Tidal then converted them to Roon playlists. That didn’t help so I went back and added the albums/songs to Roon separately and that didn’t help either.

It is happening with music I have imported/ported over to Roon from pre Roon collections on Tidal and music/playlists that I have created in Roon. I can only favorite songs/albums on the artists page or albums pages.

This means that if I am playing a song in a play list I have to navigate to that album/artist page. Once there I can heart songs etc…

@Mike , I figured it out :frowning: If you have created a playlist in Tidal you cannot favorite a song from it. this is true even if you have made a Tidal playlist into a ROON playlist and saved the album to Roon.

The only way to get the “Heart/favorite” functionality is to initiate a playlist in Roon. Ugh… This is going to be a lot of work.

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Hey @Robert_Allen – thanks for following up, that makes sense now.

Roon handles tracks in your library different from tracks you play from TIDAL, in a number of different ways. When you add a playlist from TIDAL, the tracks referenced in that list are on TIDAL, and that doesn’t change when you make a copy of the playlist (or select all the songs and add them to a new playlist, for example). This is a side effect of our architecture (as opposed to a bug) so I can’t really give a timeline on doing better for this case.

For now, you can select all the tracks in the playlist and then choose Add To Library. Once they’ve been added, you’ll be able to favorite them in the tracks browser.

Admittedly not as graceful as we usually like, but this comes down to Roon’s underlying handling of “tracks in your library”, so for now we’ll keep this flow in mind if we make a change down the line.

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That answers the question I also had, thank you.
Overall I find the lack of seemless bi-directional playlist integration with Tidal is the biggest shortcoming of Roon. Please make it work and you will have the best product out there.

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