Can I filter out all HD music?

Roon Core Machine

W10 64bit, HP Spectre X360 convertible 13, Core i5-5200, 8GB RAM, SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

WiFi only: Speedtest average 50Mbps download

Connected Audio Devices

Chord Qutest DAC via USB

Number of Tracks in Library

Zero local music. Only Qobuz access

Description of Issue

Qobuz loading slowly or dropouts. Roon unusable.

I’m now living away from home. I have only WiFi access. No Ethernet access. No access to my NAS library at home, or my usual PC core.

Can I filter out all HD music in Roon? Only see 16/44.1? Those tracks play better.

Using Spotify app works perfectly but I’d prefer to use Roon.

I’m not used to using the funnel or focus so maybe they can help me?

Thanks in advance

This might be easier for you.
In settings:services you can throttle the max streaming rate of Qobuz right there to 16/44.

I also assume you are on a lower tier with Qobuz now then too?
No point paying for the hires tier if your present situation does not really allow replay of hires material.


Perfect solution, thank you. I’d missed that.

I recently paid my annual fee for top tier Qobuz, before I knew I was moving out. I’m not worried about that. Just want to use Roon rather than a streaming service app.

Many thanks.

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