Can I make this work?

Hello smart people. I need your help. Let me first tell you what I have in the next section and then tell you what I want to accomplish below.

Here is my equipment:

  • Roon Core: 2015 MacBook Pro
  • Main room: Marantz 6014 with two zones that I would like to control separately
  • Main room : Bluesound Node 2i as an input to the Marantz 6014
  • Other rooms: 4 separate Sonos Speakers (3 Play 1’s, 1 Play 5)
  • Other rooms: A Denon AVR-S730H that has HEOS
  • Other rooms: Denon bluetooth Soundbar SC-S514
  • Used to be main room, but I don’t think I will need any longer with Roon: 1 Sonos Connect
  • Used to power my outdoor speakers but I don’t think I will need any longer with Roon: 1 Sonos Amp
  • Music Services: Qubuz and Spotify (I don’t listen to any music on hard drives, I only stream)

What I want to accomplish, as a Roon user:

  • Listen to Qubuz and Spotify through my Bluesound to maximize streaming quality in my Main Room but still use all of the great functionality of the Roon User Interface with these services.
  • I want to be able to use my Marantz to separately control 2 Roon Zones (Main room and outdoor speakers)
  • Treat all other devices (Sonos, HEOS, etc.) as separate zones with the Roon User Interface (this should probably be simple/normal)

I’m most concerned about the first two bullets under “What I want” due to the use of the Bluesound Node 2I and two zones on my Marantz.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

You can’t use Spotify with Roon, but might be able to use it somehow. Roon supports streaming from Tidal and Qobuz.

I’m not really that concerned about Spotify. Qobuz is what I use most of the time. My main question is, can I play something on Qobuz through Roon in multiple rooms but when the main room is on, ensure that it plays through my Bluesound?

You can group “like” Roon endpoints and play the same music to those endpoints, or, you can play different music to different endpoints simultaneously. I can’t tell you what endpoints can or cannot be grouped because I don’t know.

As far as I know all devices that you like to control directly via Roon have to be Roon ready or Roon tested. For devices outside that category you can use Roon bridges like Ropieee to link them them to Roon. The options deliver different levels of control over the endpoint. Grouping only works for endpoints that use the same protocol. RAAT will not work with Chromecast or AirPlay in the same group.
Find the list of Roon Tested and Roon Ready devices on the Roon website and go from there.

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