Can I output to Sonos devices?

I use Sonos via the Airport Express Airplay setup, Sonos describes in their Helpfiles.
I can use now Sonos with Roon 1.2 via Airplay. Works solid as a modern Kitchen Radio…

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?, via Input on Play 5 ?


Yes, i use the play 5 for Input.


See : Airplay and Sonos


OK, i`ve had only 4 pcs Play 1 and experiment with Airsonos on a Synology Nas.

the only Problem, each morning i have to setup the Sonos “zones” new :frowning:


Just tried this again on 1.2 latest build but still getting the static. Please let us know once the proposed fix hits a targeted build and will be happy to test it out. Thanks.

Same for me, still getting the static with 1.2 version build 142…
Roon team : please be kind to keep us informed.

Hey guys – there is a lot of variation in how Airplay is implemented from device to device, and we have not done significant testing with most software implementations.

I also want to be clear that @brian’s post above was referencing a bug related to IP addresses and Airplay, not Sonos or Airsonos specifically.

That said, we have done some testing with some software Airplay implementations, and we can take another look at Airsonos if that’s what everyone is having issues with here. I can’t promise that our investigation will happen immediately, and I can’t promise we’ll successfully get this working, but we can try.

Is everyone having this issue using Airsonos? Anything we need to know about your setups and configurations so that we can quickly reproduce this in house?

Let me know the details and whatever we need to reproduce this in house, and we’ll take a look. Thanks!

Here is my config where it repros:

  • Roon Core (intel nuc)
  • Roon Bridge (Auralic Aries)
  • 5 sonos devices


  1. Install Airsonos via instructions at: This was done on a seperate PC from my roon core.
  2. Run Airsonos. I got the following output at the command prompt:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]
© 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Darron>where airsonos

Searching for Sonos devices on network…
Setting up AirSonos for Office {}
Setting up AirSonos for Kitchen {}
Setting up AirSonos for Living Room {}
Setting up AirSonos for Master Bath {}
Setting up AirSonos for Basement {}

  1. Open Roon Controler (I have this on a separate laptop). I see the following devices configured under airplay:

Note: They all appear to have the same IP address (this is the IP of the PC where I’m running the airsonos service).

  1. Attempt to play to any of the sonos devices.

Result: Static

Thanks @Darron_Stepanich – I’ve opened a ticket to investigate this. Things go much more smoothly when we can reproduce issues quickly, so expect some follow up when this gets to the top of the queue.

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Hi, I have the same issue as @Darren_Forde, except that my Roon Core runs in a RoG Asus Laptop with Quad Core (sixth gen) 16GB RAM.

I can only hear static and Roon shows 3 AirPlay devices with the same IP.

Has the ticket been closed? If so, @mike would you help us please? TV Room is the only place I’m missing to have full Roon control



Sorry the same problem as @Darron_Stepanich

I’ve written a bit about how airsonos works here:

Yes, it is build in 1.3

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