Can I play 5.1 wirelessly to my Oppo 203 with Roon?

I am enjoying being able to play my stereo AND 5.1 library wirelessly to my Oppo 203 from my laptop using JRiver Media Center. Why is this not possible with Roon, especially since Qobuz is starting to put out some 5.1 music.

I can stream 5.1 from my computer to my Oppo 203 using JRiver Media Center, but not with Roon. Is there any hope of eventually being able to stream 5.1 using Roon?

The Oppo 203 is a listed Roon Ready network device, so you should be able to activate it in Settings/Audio, select it as a zone in Roon and play 5.1 content to it. [Edit: This is incorrect, see below. Oppo limit 5.1 to DLNA].

Do you have the most recent firmware installed ?

If your music files are not stored on your laptop or on a storage location with an Ethernet [or USB] connection to your laptop, then be aware that the Roon core on your laptop will be trying to retrieve the file from storage and send it to the Oppo over the same WiFi connection. WiFi is not true full duplex (Ethernet is) so it is quite possible that you will experience stuttering or dropouts when attempting to play in this way. The answer is to run the Core on a machine that has Ethernet connection to file storiage and Outputs. WiFi is best used for Controls.

No, Andrew, that is incorrect. Two Oppo UDP players added RAAT support almost two years ago. But that RAAT support does not include multichannel nor DSD. It was an Oppo decision/limitation that has not changed for almost two years and is not going to change. Had Bill done a bit more reading in this forum first he could have made that determination without posting the same question/request across multiple threads.



I have the latest firmware for the Oppo. I have my library on a usb external hard drive attached to my MacBook Pro. I can stream wirelessly all stereo content to the Oppo, but anything 5.1 is downmixed to 2.0. There are no options in the audio setup for the Oppo in Roon to do multichannel. If I try to play a 5.1 file in Qobuz it is also downmixed to 2.0. I can play 5.1 wirelessly using JRiver, but since Qobuz is starting to put out 5.1 content, I would think that it would be wise for Roon to allow 5.1 streaming. Since JRiver allows it, I don’t see it as being an Oppo issue, but rather a Roon issue.

It is not possible since the Oppo does this using DLNA from JRMC (and other DLNA sources) but Roon does not use DLNA and has no plans to do so. They have stated this many times.

Roon’s access to the 203/5 is via RAAT and, because of Oppo’s insistence (AFAIK), that is limited to stereo. This has been the case since the RAAT support was created.

FWIW, I am pissed off about it, too.

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And I think that is a mistake on Roon’s part. I would love it if I could do it with my Node 2, but it is only a stereo device. And since Oppo does accept 5.1 using JR’s protocol, that Roon is not in step. Can anyone explain to me how I can stream 5.1 with Roon without buying a $1000 + Nucleus?

Well, I can list the things I think should be changed with Roon but they have a defined vision of their direction.

It is not JRMC’s protocol. It is bog-standard, generic DLNA. Look it up.

That won’t help you.

There are two reasons why you can’t play 5.1 to your Oppo through Roon like you can with JRiver.

Firstly, because you are currently using DLNA to play 5.1 through JRiver and Roon will not support DLNA. This is not going to change. Roon have been very clear about it.

Secondly because Oppo do not support multichannel playback in their Roon Ready implementation. You can either try to persuade them to do so or get an alternative device that does support multichannel Roon Ready.

I realize it’s DLNA! And what is wrong with that? It works. I’m not sure what you mean by “bog-standard.” Sounds pretty good to me.

What are some devices (hopefully low cost) that do support multichannel Roon?

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Same situation and complaint here, only with a Sonos Arc. Why oh why can’t I stream 5.1 files to it? Looks like an absurd limitation. Surround music files may not be mainstream, but there are tons out there.