Can I rip CDs directly to a Roon Rock?

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Following up from COO Danny’s statement that a USB CDROM connected to a Nucleus will rip CDs to the library, can I check with forum members if this holds true for a Rock on the Intel NUC platform? Haven’t got a USB CDROM / DVDROM to test this, so would like confirmation before ordering one. Thanks so much for your advice!

I hope this answers your question.

Yes, I have ripped CDs on a Rock NUC with a USB CDROM. It works.

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Thank you both for chiming in, really appreciate it! Didn’t notice the new functions in build 175 - gonna find a USB drive soonest. Have a great weekend!

It only shows up when you have a drive connected if not then nothing changes in the UI.

Apple SuperDrive running on a Roon Rock NUC? Really? I thought Apple SuperDrives only run on Apple machines? That would be pretty great I think. Any new info on this?

1.0.183 should support super drive… let me know…


I just plugged an Apple SuperDrive into my Roon Rock Nuc and it detected it. However, the CD would not insert.

I unplugged the SuperDrive from the NUC and plugged it back into my iMac. The CD inserted instantly, without effort. I unplugged the SuperDrive from my Mac, with the CD still inserted, and plugged it back into the NUC. The web interface still said: Waiting for cd" even after refresh. I could eject the cd from the Rock Web interface (yay!), but then once again, the cd would not insert.

Do I need to update my Roon Rock NUC to be able to use Apple SuperDrive to rip CD’s directly from the NUC?

Yes, please see danny’s posting above. The super drive is supported in ROCK Version 1.0 (build 183) and your screenshot shows you’re running build 175.

Thank you. I had worked that out. I’m ripping my Max Richter - Memory House as we speak with my SuperDrive! Was waiting for it to complete before reporting in. Looks to be going well so far. I’m very happy. This takes a lot of guess work out of the picture, for me. Next up are The Cure Japanese Imports 1st pressings.

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That is precisely the info I was looking for! Thanks for your forethought.


Read the whole thread, George.

Ahah! So maybe It works … I’ll find out for myself soon enough.

Now it works. It didn’t at the time of my posting. :slight_smile: