Can I run the core on this?

I want to run roonserver on a headless machine. Currently using a retina macbook pro as core but hate the fact that I need to keep it running.

Will this work?


I’m sure it will work, but not so sure it will offer satisfactory performance as it sports a rather slow Atom CPU that’s below the recommended system specs. Here’s the performance chart of that CPU.

I’d think you would be much better served with a NUC or the likes sporting an i3 or i5.

Thanks Rene! Are those NUC devices completely silent? Can I buy them fully installed with OS & ram?

I run an i5 Haswell NUC for my main home library. There is a fan, but I effectively turned it off in the BIOS (the default settings were unnecessarily aggressive). In normal use, completely silent.

Hi Joel
It will only need it to run roonserver, nothing else. A quick search on Amazon for that type of NUC shows prices comparable to a entry level mac mini !!!
Do I really need to spend that much to get roon of my macbook?

You can, but you’ll pay a price. I will be cheaper to get one and assemble RAM and SSD yourself, or consider buying used.

As for the OS: wouldn’t this be an excellent time to start running Linux? :wink:

Where are you located, Steve? Over here in the Netherlands, a used NUCi3/8GB/120GB SSD goes for around €250.

We’re neighbours :slight_smile: I’m in Antwerp, Belgium. Can you direct me to a site for those?

Marktplaats is the Dutch eBay (quite literally, since they bought it a few years ago). Not wanting to create a market place here, I’ll PM you a link.

Fond memories of Antwerp BTW. Lots of Flemish are actually Dutchmen done right. :wink:


Thanks Rene !