Can I tag Tidal artists?

Scenario: Brand new to Roon here. I am on trial of Roon and Tidal. It looks easy to tag my music , but, ‘add tag’ is grayed out on Tiday artists.

Two questions please:

  1. Let’s assume I own no music whatsoever. I will be using ONLY Tidal thru Roon. I want to sit down and browse a bunch of artists, and I want to tag the artists. Some will be ‘massage’ and some will be ‘soundtracks’ and some will be ‘yard work’ and etc. Can I do this? How? When I try on Tidal artists, ‘add tag’ is grayed out. I assume after I’ve tagged them, I can “listen to a tag” which would shuffle up the artists/tracks/albums/etc with that tag.

  2. Any suggestions for where to find best Roon tutorials so that I can learn about how it works, how other people are using it that might be better than what would occur to me?



I’m assuming you are taking the tidal link?
If you go to your library link the Tidal artist will show, from here you can click on an artist which is a Tidal favourite and add a tag.

[Edit: yes, I am using the Tidal link. I can’t figure out how to see any of the artists (other than the ones stored in FLAC on my computer) unless I go to the Tidal link within Roon.]

Thanks Phil. Mine looks exactly like that… except that the ‘Add to tag’ is grayed out.

I did create one tag (before my first post), hoping that would make the option available…

I go to Tidal at the far left, then ‘More’ by the Artists list… then no matter which artist I go into, clicking the three dots gives me something like this picture below (grayed out). If I do the same thing, but in my library (FLAC on my computer), then it isn’t grayed out. But I own virtually no music and want to tag Tidal stuff.

Any other ideas? Thanks!


You need to go to ‘My Library’ , Artists, and you can then add a tag.

Your favourite Tidal artist albums will appear in that link and form your Roon library even if you don’t have local files.

Hi Phil, it’s not working that way for me. The only artists that show up in ‘My Library’ are the ones that I have stored on my computer, not the Tidal favorite artists. (I edited my latest post before this one, to also reflect this.) Maybe there is a setting so that they show up like you are saying - my Library isn’t showing anything from Tidal.


You can only add Tags to objects (albums, tracks, artists, composers, etc.) that are in your Library, so if you find something in the Tidal service that you like, first add it to your Library, and then you can add tags to it. See:

I found this other thread on the forum that explains what is happening to me… Roon ignores everybody’s favorite artists on Tidal. Instead, they assume that every artist associated with all your favorite ALBUMS (and maybe tracks) on Tidal is your favorite artist. Almost all my favorites on Tidal are artists, so they don’t show up in my Roon Library. (And all the tracks/albums in my Tidal list are by artists that I otherwise don’t like, so having them as artists in my Tidal library isn’t helpful.)

If I decide to keep Roon, I’ll just start adding a single album (instead of an artist) from now on… hoping that will put all of that artist’s albums and future albums into my Library - but that’s easy enough to test.

Thanks for the help on this.


Hi Geoff,

I am too slow at typing or reading… I keep seeing relevant posts that showed up before I responded to earlier pieces of the thread, and that would have changed what I say…

Are you saying that it is possible to add Artists to my Roon library? If my Tidal favorites are all artists (no Albums or Tracks), then how do I get them all into my Roon library? And, if I add a single album from an artist in order to be able to tag that artist as ‘massage’ … then when I play from ‘massage’ tag, will Roon include all of that artist’s albums? Or just the one(s) I individually added?



Easiest way is to add a single album of an artist that you want to follow (for example) to your library - then the artist will be added as well. From there, going to the artist entry in your Library will give the complete discography of that artist, and you can ask Roon to play tracks by that artist, and it will reach out into the Tidal service for material to play as well as use any content of the artist in your library…


I’ve been using that approach (with Spotify) before signing up for Roon/Tidal trials. Seems to me that for a single artist, that can be done on any platform without ever favoriting anything.

What I want to do is to tag artists and then have Roon shuffle up all the work of multiple artists that share the same tag. It seems like this is possible but just not as easy as I thought. (Do I need to add all the works (and future works) of all those artists in order to make that happen? If so, is there an easiest way to add all the works and future works of a given artist?)

Also, on an extremely related note… I expected that Roon would mix stuff together that is in my library and not in my library… so far I’ve been playing an album (none of which are in my library) and when that album finishes, Roon starts playing stuff I haven’t necessarily heard of, which I like. If I make a queue from my library (for example, by using my ‘massage’ tag that I’ve yet to actually apply to anything), is there a way to have Roon play what’s in my library and mix in similar works from Tidal that Roon finds, that I don’t know about? In other words, Spotify has “song radio” for any song; not sure if they call it something too but Roon has the same thing effectively if I just play any one song and then see what happens next… does Roon do ‘tag radio’ and if so, how? I would like to be able to have the ‘tag radio’ start right away, before Roon has played every last song that has that tag in my library. (Do I, for example, simlpy queue up everything in my library from the tag and then skip to the end of my queue?)


You can tag an artist but you can’t auto add all of their future albums, singles and eps to your library. Even tagging arists would require you to add their albums so that it can play stuff you have added to your library.

A big part of Roon is library management, if you don’t have a library then it may not be suitable.

In terms of playing similar music, if you create a queue of songs, albums or whatever after it has finished playing, Roon with play similar music. So if you played a tag, it would do what you want but there is no tag radio.

You can also start a “radio” on any artist or album, this will create a queue of similar songs and songs from that album or artist.

It seems to me that “Roon Radio” is Roon’s version of Spotify’s “song radio”

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