Can I use a Dragonfly with a Node 2i at a different residence and access my Roon core using ARC? I am currently using Bluetooth, but the Bluetooth range won't reach the pool and hot tub

While using ARC, I just listened to a song using Roon radio for blues and I want to add it to a playlist, but I cannot find a history of tracks. I am wishing for too much during this infancy stage or did I miss something?

There ae more than a few questions you are asking between the title and the post itself. Can you try to separate them in terms of priority?

I’m sorry Robert, I didn’t know both posts would be combined. My prioritized question is this: My fiance has a 1989 Kenwood stereo at her place. I added a Node 2i to modernize her setup. I currently use ARC on my android phone and Bluetooth it to the Node 2i. The Bluetooth range doesn’t work well. Can I use a Dragonfly connected to the Node 2i and then use ARC with the Dragonfly to eliminate the Bluetooth? I hope this makes sense to you because it does in my mind, haha.

That’s clearer, thank you Stephen. I believe I understand what you want to do. Yes, any DAC that can connect to your mobile phone should work. Not sure you need to connect the DAC’s analog out to your Node 2i though. You should be able to connect the DAC’s analog output directly into an analog input on the Kenwood, athough if there are limited inputs on the Kenwood, the analog input on the Node 2i could work also.

Thank you Robert, I greatly appreciate the quick response, especially over the weekend. Cheers!

Let us know what solution you chose and if it works.

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