Can I use a Keces P3 to power my NUC and GigaFOILv4

I’m wondering if I can use a Keces P3 to power my NUC/Roon and a GigaFOIL? I see some mention using a P8 for the NUC and P3 for the GigaFOIL but isn’t that overkill since the P3 has two outputs? Or is 16V not enough to power a fan-less NUC?

Output for P3:
5V/7V/9V + 12V/15V/16V

Not the voltage where you might run into issues…it’s the current (A) that the units demand where the issues might be. NUC will run ok on 12-19volts but should be supplied ~3.5A

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This is more complex than simply looking at voltages. Which NUC is it and how many amps can the the PSU deliver?

I’m running a i7 NUC in a fan less case. I didn’t even consider the amps but that makes sense.

Which i7? There are significant differences in the way they use power that will have a bearing on PSU choices.

Intel BXNUC10i7FNH1 NUC Ci7-10710U 6C/12T 15W M.2 and 2.5in SSD Supports up to 64GB (32GBx2) DDR4-2666


When the later NUC models need to go into Turbo mode their power requirements jump quite a lot more than gen 7 or 8 models. Get a PSU as close to 19v as you can with very good current delivery. While a P3 will work it will only deliver a maximum 3 amps at its 16v setting which may not be enough when the NUC is working hard. To give an example, my supply is 19v at 3 amps. My NUC is a gen 7 so it’s Turbo mode only kicks in at the very top of its power requirements. I can disable Turbo, keep 90% of the i7 performance but still avoid pushing the PSU beyond its limits.