Can i use Airplay as Endpoints without Apple or other?


i consider buying the Denon Home 150 for my kitchen as a wireless roon endpoint / speaker.
Since it is the most affordable i could find and don’t seems to have Bluetooth lag as the bluesound alternative.

My Question however is do i need any additional hardware or software to use it as wireless speaker / endpoint?

The Denon Homepage states you need Airplay 2 but Roon states it does not have Airplay2 ???

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Roon will send airplay 1 but that’s fine, you don’t need anything more than the roon server.

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The Bluesound Pulse Flex, which costs slightly more than the Denon, works with Wi-Fi and supports Roon RAAT as a native endpoint. Arguably a better alternative than Airplay 1.

@ Martin_Webster But has over 4 seconds delay /lag on Bluetooth - thats a nogo for cooking videos on youtube

does that apply to all airplay devices (even the ikea ones)

There is no lag when using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with my Bluesound Pulse Flex, so I’m not sure where you heard about lag with Bluesound. Indeed, I just checked YouTube with the Flex and that worked fine too. I can easily switch between Roon endpoint (using Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth with the Flex from iOS.

Incidentally, Airplay is a protocol that works over Ethernet and Wi-Fi too. IIRC, Roon only supports Bluetooth when connecting the Bluetooth speakers to a computer or phone running Roon.

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You need to make sure is is roon tested. Google roon tested for the list.

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seen here:

acknowledged and confirmed here:

Bluetooth is only when using the Speaker with the Smartphone not while using with roon (i want to use wifi for that)

oh ok good to know.

So only tested devices work and not every airplay capable device ?
Otherwise the symfonisk for 99bucks would be a strong contender

Looks like they work fine! Always search the forum! :smile:

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there is some old confusion around ‘tested’ when it comes to connect devices to Roon.

-every Airplay 1 and 2 devices can be connected with Roon and controlled. The control only works from direction of Roon to the device. if you e.g. change the volume on the device this will not feed back to Roon.
-for Roon tested better check the definition issued by Roon. for me with reference to your question - Roon tested often refers to the question if you can generally connect via Roon. that could be via protocols RAAT (certified by Roon as ‘Roon Ready’ with bidirectional control), Airplay, Sonos and Chromecast. You can only groups speakers using the same protocol.

that sounds perfect for me since the speaker would be placed on top of a shelf where using buttons is not really an option.

so a wireless device which doesn’t cos a lot of money and also supports Bluetooth for watching cooking videos would be perfect :smiley:

Nope. Roon tested does not mean you can connect via RAAT that is exclusively roon ready.

The reason to recommend roon tested devices over others is in the category name, they’ve been tested.

"Roon plays to thousands of USB, Airplay, and Chromecast devices, but Roon Tested devices are profiled by the Roon team to ensure simple setup and effortless daily use.

If you own a Roon Tested device or are thinking about buying one, you can have the confidence that you will enjoy the best possible experience of it."