Can I use Roon with a Synology NAS and a Sonos One?

I would like to start with Roon small.

Can I run Roon on a Synology NAS (DS1520+) and play it through a Sonos One? (Both appliances are on the same loval network.)

I understand that I can install Roon on the NAS (is that still correct?), but of course the NAS has no output, so I have a Sonos One I could use for a first trial, before going into bigger things with a DAC, amp and speakers.

Thanks heaps for pointers!

As a starter that will work fine.
The processor in the NAS is below the Roon recommended spec but lots of people use it fine.

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If you haven’t already might want to browse through the NAS section of the forum:

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Thanks for the tip! This subforum looks perfect for me!


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