Can I use Spotify with Roon?

I’m new to Roon and installed it today with Tidal.
Can I also use Spotify with Roon?

I also saw that playing music with Volumio is via Airplay.
Does Airplay has enough quality to play DSD files?

Thank you!!


Welcome to the forum. Spotify do not allow the kind of integration that Roon relies on, so no it doesn’t support Spotify via its app. AirPlay is limited to CD quality so DSD would be downsampled by Roon to allow it to be played via AirPlay. You need to install Roon bridge on Volumio to get higher.

Thank you very much for your answer.
So what is the advantage in sound to Roon? (if there is any).
As I can see, all my DSD and MQA will be converted?
Is there a way to have better quality?
Thank you gain,

Roon can play over many different protocols which allows it to work across a wide range of products. AirPlay is just one of these. Roon has its own streaming protocol called RAAT which is lossless and supports the highest pcm and DSD and MQA it’s what devices that are called Roon Ready use. Roon provided their own lightweight Roon bridge software to allow playback via this on computers. It can be installed on windows, Mac, and Linux. I suggest you read up on Roon from the knowledge base. This is accessible from the support section in the app. If your using Volumio Roon bridge can be installed on it.


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