Can I Use the Dali Sound Hub Blu OS NPM-2i Module with Roon?

I have a Roon Server with a number of zones.

As per title, in on room I have a Dali Sound hub and would like to know whether it is recognised at all by Roon.

I believe it is not “Roon Ready” or “Roon Tested” ?

The BluOs Module is not recognised like NAD ones?

Will I be able to at least use the Module Via Airplay 2 to play music? (haven’t ordered the module)

Thank You

Roon doesn’t support airplay 2.

Ok thanks, so it won’t work at all? No Airplay 1 as it were? No ability to play through the device at all?

Any more cryptic answers ?

You can play to it via regular AirPlay if it supports that, best check the older BS used to. Dali are not Roon Ready even though it has Blusound. Each device has to pass its own strict certification, not sure Dali are in the programme or not.