Can iPeng make the iPad a Roon endpoint? [Yes. Implemented in iPeng 9.3]

(Joerg Schwieder) #183

There’s now a small update (9.3.1) for iPeng rolling out to the store and it makes the “small playback buffer” permanent and hopefully fixes the “wrong menus” problem.
The setting for the buffer size is still there but ignored.
Cosmetics later, this update had to be really quick because it also alerts Spotify users (on Squeezebox) on what to do when Spotify shuts down the official support and how to continue using it and that shutdown is coming this Thursday, so no time to test bigger changes to settings menus and the like.


Thanks. :smiley:

I’m really enjoying being able to stream my music in Roon to my iPad and iPhone. :smiley:

(George Shin) #185

Does ipad/iphone + ipeng allow use of DAC to be attached to them (i don’t think iOS supports OTG USB, but something like it? I do know that Chord Mojo can be used with iphone/ipad devices through some special cable) for following flow,

Roon -> iPeng -> Chord Mojo

, hence making iPhone/iPad as a highres loss Roon endpoint?

(David Orgel) #186

Yes, you just need an Apple Camera Connection Kit in between the iDevice and the Mojo.

The only caveat is that I can’t figure out what sample rates iPeng supports under these circumstances. Maybe @Joerg_Schwieder can say?

(Christopher Rieke) #187

Just tried it with the Apogee Quartet (capable of 24Bit and 192khz and iOS compatible).
I can’t get any higher than 24Bit and 96 kHz:

(Jim) #188

It also depends on how much current the DAC USB port attempts to draw from the iOS device. This varies by the specific implementation by each manufacturer. Some draw no USB power at all. For example, the older Audioquest Dragonfly DACs (v1.0 and 1.2) were over the current draw threshold, and could not be used with iOS devices. However, the newer units employ a different USB receiver chip, and are under the iOS current limit.

For USB DAC inputs that draw too much current, it believe this adapter is a functional workaround since it allows the iOS device to receive wall power while also presenting a USB port for DAC connection.

(David Orgel) #189

That’s perfect for me, since I use a DragonFly Black in this situation. :wink:

(David Orgel) #190

This outlines what you need for the Mojo:

Seems like the smaller CCK will work — I have both, and while the capability to charge/power with the larger one is nice (and sometimes necessary), it’s kind of cumbersome for “walking around” applications.

Edit: Looks like you also need a USB adapter for the Mojo.

(George Shin) #191

No… one dead end after another… :frowning:

(Joerg Schwieder) #192

Currently iPeng is limited to 96 kHz sample rate but that will change with iPeng 10 (or 11, not yet sure how the next major release will be called, yet, since not going in lock step with Apple’s iOS versions seems to confuse quite a number of users).

We plan to have an audiophile upgrade that allows up to 384 kHz sample rate and also DSD playback (at least as DoP, not sure the native formats will be doable).

That will be another In-App-Purchase, though, since this requires an incredible amount of testing (we’re already working on it for over half a year) and the user base is quite limited for this.

I don’t think iOS allows more than 24 bit word size, though, but it’s another thing we need to test.

(Joerg Schwieder) #193

This is actually just iOS spreading a myth most of the time :slight_smile:
iOS says the devices would be drawing too much power but what iOS actually does is it checks for the chipset version and for certain chipsets produces this output. Even with devices that are self-powered and don’t draw any power at all or even charge the iPhone.

The workaround for me has been to put an additional USB hub between the iPhone and the USB device. Ironically this even works with passive USB hubs which actually increase the power draw but it means iOS can no longer read the USB chip version.

(George Shin) #194

Okay, thank you.

Please sign me up as a alpha, beta, early tester.

For now, i’ll grab that special Apple camera cable.

(George Shin) #195

As for the Chord Mojo, it has its own power source, i.e. battery internal, or separate usb connector for power, so at least for this USB DAC application, the current/power draw i would guess be minimal through the DAC USB.

(J) #196

iPeng9 - Squeezebox Remote Control v v9.3.1 works on iOS 8.0 and higher.

Which is nice for me as I’m still on an iOS 8.4 jailbreak on all but one device.

(Joerg Schwieder) #197

Please be careful. At least on 9.0.x people with jailbreaks are having issues with crashing with the latest iPeng version.
I have no idea why that is (non-jailbroken devices don’t seem to be affected) and it’s incredibly hard to debug. I don’t have any jailbroken devices to test on (and I don’t plan to start that, the last jailbroken device I used was 7 years ago or so) and the crash reports I’m seeing are not very telling. It’s either an issue with memory management or with some commands not working.

That said: I haven’t seen any of these crashes with jailbroken 8.x iOS versions but you never know, these configurations are incredibly rare these days.

(J) #198

Kudos to you for supporting iOS 8. thank you.

(Joerg Schwieder) #199

Well, I try to support old iOS versions as long as it’s feasible.
iPeng Classic supported iOS 3 until the penultimate release (and that one can still be downloaded from the App Store, although I suspect that Apple will pull it when iOS 11 comes out).

We’ll see what iOS 11 brings. Right now it looks like it will require quite a bit of UI change (unless Apple fixes the changes that break things right now) which might mean I’ll have to drop support for some older iOS versions or not, I don’t know.

For now iOS 8 stays the target.

(Henry) #200

I could have sworn you said you were not supporting these devices! And to be honest there can’t be any expectation that you would can there?

(Joerg Schwieder) #201

Jailbreak is an unsupported and untested configuration, yes.

I’ll still try to fix these issues if I can but if I don’t find a way, then so be it.
I will not go as far as, say, getting a jailbroken device myself to test, I already test way too many different configurations.

(Henry) #202

As long as that is absolutely clear to those with Jailbroken tablets. The post I responded to did suggest otherwise. :slightly_smiling_face: