Can iPeng make the iPad a Roon endpoint? [Yes. Implemented in iPeng 9.3]

(Rene Bouwmeester) #81

As always with iOS betas: do not expect any other software than Apple’s to work properly, especially in the early releases. Betas will improve and app developers will pick up during the cycle.

On regular iOS10, I had no problems activating the zone from the Phone.

(Joerg Schwieder) #82

OK, some comments:

First: don’t use iOS betas if you expect things to work.
iOS 11 betas break a number of things, among them iPeng’s layout (or any other app with a scaled navigation bar, I’ve found a few more). Until I know whether this is a bug in the early betas or a change I’m not going to do a design change since it’s a bit of a bigger change.

Regarding having to restart things: I’ve seen the same thing but have to admit I attributed it to Roon’s Squeezebox emulation because I had the same issues with all my Squeezeboxes.

There’s still the general issue of apps running in the background under iOS. If another app takes over the audio output iPeng stops playback and the volume can also change.
Unless your device is connected to external power AND you have “Settings->iPeng Settings->Preserve Connection” enabled iPeng will shut down in the background after five minutes if you don’t play music so then you probably have to launch iPeng first and switch to Roon to use it.

(Dennis Waugh) #83

I have roon playback through my iphone 6.
Thank you .

(Steve) #84

This is great!!

I bought ipeng a while back and never really used it so it will really come into its own now.

One question: on the iPad there’s an obvious prompt for the player upgrade. On the iPhone it says no player enabled but my core is listed. In settings there is no option to pay for player so perhaps I bought it already in the past. Is that possible? If not how do you add the player to the phone.

I have to say this seems like a reasonable workaround bearing in mind the situation. I know there were reservations in the past from team Roon about this kind of setup, but I actually think their player code in a proper iOS wrapper as a separate app, alongside Roon remote, would have been fine as an interim solution.

(Mr Fix It ) #85

Only my pad is on iOS 11 beta 2. My iPhone is on 10.3.2 but I’ll play some more with it…I might go back to 10.3.2 on the iPad for a number of reasons…not the least of which is my banking apps. :blush:

(FunkBrother) #86

Works great on my iPad Pro 9.7 running iOS 11 (Public Beta) so far. Of course i‘m using the Roon App to control then playback and iPeng is just running in the background. Therefore the UI glitches in the Beta don‘t bother me.

(Jeffrey Robbins) #87

Crew, I’ve paid for and downloaded the new iPeng bundle on my iPhone 7+ running iOS 10.3.2. Will this new Roon integration allow me to access Roon remotely from my home? If so, I don’t follow the instructions above on how to set up in Roon and integrate to work on the iPhone. Can one of you kindly take a more basic approach to explain here? I already have Squeezebox support enabled in Roon so I’m ready for the next step. Thanks much. JCR

(Jimmytwotimes) #88

I really like this feature . It’s well worth buying the IPeng playback for .

(Jeffrey Robbins) #89

@58LesPaul: Where and how did you “load” iPeng? That’s what I’m not following. It’s on my iPhone – is there a Roon core server piece that needs to be downloaded and installed? JCR

(David Orgel) #90

It doesn’t allow remote access per se — You need to be within (good) WiFi range of the local area network to which your Roon core is connected.

Within those parameters, it’s still very useful, since you can listen on an iOS device as you move around your area, and you can create all kinds of ad hoc Roon zones by connecting your iDevice, either wirelessly (e.g., by Bluetooth) or via cable to a wide range of audio systems.

Make sense?

If that’s what you’re looking for, you just need to install iPeng 9.3 on your iDevice and do the in-app purchase of the Playback module. Once that’s set up and iPeng is running on your iDevice — you already said you have Roon’s Squeezebox support enabled — Roon should see your iDevice as an available Squeezebox endpoint, and then you need to configure it as you would any other Roon zone. That’s pretty much it for the basics, but you should read through the last 24 hours worth of posts in this thread for some very useful tips.

(Jeffrey Robbins) #91

I see. I have limited use for an in-home application, as I have 8 Roon endpoints already at home. I was hoping to use the new iPeng as a replacement for JRemote on my iPhone, which lets me access my entire music library remotely outside my home via my iPhone, other than DSD files, in bit perfect resolution through integration against JRiver Media Center 22, which I have running concurrently on my Roon core server for just this purpose. But, JRemote doesn’t offer the Roon advantages on UI and content, hence my interest in moving to Roon.

Has anyone ascertained if there’s a way to get iPeng to talk to Roon outside of the home wifi network? JCR

(Jim) #92

You would most likely need to setup a VPN connection to tunnel back into your home network from the outside world. However, since JRemote can see your home network from afar, perhaps you have already done this? If you already have VPN running, then it may be a simple matter of opening up the additional Roon-related network ports to pass through the VPN tunnel.


This is another +1, I just bought iPeng and now my iPad Pro is rocking… Thank you so much, best software purchase I’ve made on iOS yet.

(Jeffrey Robbins) #94

JRemote and JRiver have their own built in VPN, whereby the JRiver app assigns a code to represent the home outside IP address and then I’ve opened the requisite ports on my router to allow. Are you suggesting that I could use the same JRiver VPN? I would need some advice on how that would be configured. JCR

(Jimmytwotimes) #95

I always thought the Ipeng developer was very good at what he does and is very supportive of his app .

He got burned when Logitech decided to stop making the Squeezebox, which was a very good product .

(58LesPaul) #96

All I meant by “load iPeng” was that iPeng should be running on your iPhone so that Roon can “see” it as a Squeezebox endpoint.


it works with aroioEx ?

(Vincent Bourne) #98

Good job @Joerg_Schwieder - I’m a long time user of iPeng in the LMS world, great to see your innovations working with Roon. I’ll be having a beer on my terrace tomorrow night with some portable sounds - really appreciated.

(steve) #99

Wow, have I ever been waiting for this! Using an iPad as a Roon control, but not being able to send any tunes to the iPad itself has been a kind of torture for so long now…

Having used iPeng for LMS (before Roon), it’s like getting reacquainted with an old friend. :slight_smile:

REALLY happy to see this!

(John B) #100

Indeed I’m listening to Roon via headphones while having a beer on the veranda and browsing my usual fora hangouts.

It really is great the openness of Roon to these compatibites rather than seeing them as in opposition to something on their timeline.

And I agree iPeng is like an old friend rediscovered.