Can iPeng make the iPad a Roon endpoint? [Yes. Implemented in iPeng 9.3]

(Jim) #101

I doubt that would work, though I am no expert. There are several VPN-related threads on the forum (search “VPN” at the top of the page), and those users may be able to provide more accurate advice.

@jato1569 mentions being able to stream Roon through VPN to iPeng in his car several posts up, for example.

(Jeffrey Robbins) #102

Good point. @jato1569 – how did you get Roon to stream outside of home via a VPN connection to iPeng? JCR

(Andrew Stein) #103

I bought iPeng and paid for playback. Roon on MacOS has Squeezebox support enabled, but I can’t see where it shows my iPhone as a Squeezebox device. What did I do wrong? Thanks.

(Roberto Piolanti) #104

I have established an L2TP VPN to my home router (Ubiquity EdgeRouter). When I connect to the VPN using my iPhone and I open iPeng, that endpoint becomes available as an audio zone.

(John B) #105

Is ipeng open on the iPhone and is it “connected to” your Roon core?


(Andrew Stein) #106

Open, but I don’t know how to connect to Roon Core, which doesn’t see iOS devices.

(Andrew Cox) #107

Go into Roon through the iPeng app. Click the icon that says “Switch to Roon App”. If that doesn’t bring up the iPhone as a Zone in Roon then restart your iPhone and the Roon Core and repeat.

(Andrew Stein) #108

Hi. Where do I find that icon? Thanks.

(Andrew Cox) #109

In the iPeng app. This is what it looks like on an iPad:

(Andrew Stein) #110

Thanks. I found it on my iPhone, but how do I play through iPhone once I switch to the Roon app?

(Andrew Cox) #111

You should see an iPhone Zone available in Settings/Audio and the Zone picker. Switch to it and Play.

(Jeffrey Robbins) #112

I’ve just got it going. IPeng needs to be open on the iPhone. Under Squeezelite devices in Roon settings/audio, select, configure and name the iPeng endpoint. Then, select the iPeng endpoint as your audio device in Roon and when you play a file in Roon, it will come forth from your iPhone. Pretty cool. JCR

(Andrew Stein) #113

I can’t seem to find the place in Roon where I add the Squeezebox. I have enabled Squeezebox support, but I don’t see Roon offering a Squeezebox device.

I should add that I don’t own a Squeezebox and am assuming Roon can add some form of Squeezebox emulation that iPeng can use.

(Anders Vinberg) #114

In Roon, Settings/Setup/Enable Squeezebox Support.

(Jeffrey Robbins) #115

It should look like this:

(Andrew Cox) #116

Restart the iPad and Roon Core.

(Andrew Stein) #117

I restarted, and then Squeezebox appeared in Roon Core. I then selected the Squeezebox output in the Roon iOS app, and I got it to play through the iPhone briefly, but now it won’t play through the Roon iOS app anymore. The sound does stream through iPeng, but the option to switch to Roon player no longer appears in iPeng. I am using an iPhone 7 Plus. Is there a trick to get back the option to switch to Roon player? Thanks.

(Jeffrey Robbins) #118

I have a 7+ as well. I am controlling the music out of my iPhone using Roon, selecting the iPeng as the endpoint. Sounds like you are doing the opposite?

I am finding that iPeng needs to be open in the background and, if the background iPeng “sleeps”, I lose the Roon endpoint. But, I’ve found that by just going back to iPeng and doing anything to wake it, the Roon endpoint for iPeng reappears. Maybe “wake” your iPeng and go back to Roon, refresh your list and see if it returns within 30 seconds or so? JCR

(Andrew Stein) #119

Switching to iPeng restores the iPhone output/endpoint to the Roon iOS app. Thanks. I imagine that, to avoid this problem, one must enable Prevent Sleep Mode in iPeng or continuously play something through the Roon app. Wonder how much of a battery drain the former is. Thanks for all your help.

(Joerg Schwieder) #120

OK, maybe as a help for those who didn’t read all of this pretty long thread:
For iPeng to be visible in Roon it needs to be running. Since iOS apps get suspended by the operating system after 5 minutes at latest (with a few exceptions, for example actively playing audio) this means to use it as a player you have to open it if you haven’t used it (or played music through it) within the last 5 minutes.
That’s where the “Switch to Roon” menu option comes into play, it allows you to launch iPeng first and then quickly switch to the Roon app but just leaving iPeng and opening Roon will do the same thing.
If you switch to Roon from iPeng then the Roon iPad app (unfortunately not the iPhone one) will also show a menu item to return to iPeng but it will disappear if you leave Roon and come back (from the home screen).

The only exception to the above is if you want to use your iPad or iPhone as a dedicated player in a dock or so, meaning it’s connected to an external power source.
In this case selecting “Settings->iPeng Settings->Preserve connection” in iPeng will keep iPeng running permanently, even with the screen off.

And to spare you the App Store search, this is iPeng: