Can log into roon app but not Roon website

I was previously a Roon user using ROCK a couple of years ago. However I have not used Roon since my subscription ran out. As I am interested in trying the new 2.0 version, I built a new ROCK server to test with. My problem is I can log into the App (on an Android phone) but cannot log into roonlabs,com. Even after resetting my password for my credentials are not accepted. When I log into the App, I am presented with a screen showing “Subscription Expired” but I cannot log into in order to request a trial as the credentials are not accepted.

Help much appreciated.

Nigel Thomas

You don’t need any credentials to log in to the Roonlabs’ website. Log in using your browser.

If you previously had a Roon subscription, I don’t believe you can get a new trial with your old subscription identity.

Thanks for the feedback. If a trial is not available, I would be happy to start with a months subscription to allow me to test the 2.0 version.

My problem is that I cannot log into as my credentials are not accepted. Even if I reset the password, the credentials are not accepted. As I cannot log into the roon site to buy a months subscription, do you have guidance to how I can obtain a months subscription. As a side note, I am still confused as to why after resetting the password for, my credentials are not accepted.

Thanks for your support

Sorry, I really don’t understand what you mean by this.

Go whatever browser you use to browse that internet and go to or do it right from the link you posted.

Where are you being asked for credentials? Screen print of the problem, please.

@support hope these folks will get you sorted out

OK, I think I see your problem.

You are here, but the screen requires you to sign up for a free trial, rather than just buy a subscription, right? At least that’s how it acts for me. -

Then you get these next two screens, which won’t let you put in your old credentials, right?

If that’s is what’s happening, then -

You could try a new account, but if you’d rather keep the old one then maybe @accounts are the people to talk to.

Thanks for the update. The problem with creating a new account is that I already have an account with roon and the userid is my email address, which I believe is mandatory. So I cannot create a new account. It may be that I can delete the old account and start again, but I have not yet discovered how to do that.

I tagged #accounts in my post above. They’ll help you out.

Don’t know why Roon seemingly forces one to have a trial before they can take out a subscription, but that’s the real problem here.

I guess Roon made a considered decision to do it that way.

Hey @anon38391141,

Thanks a lot for getting in touch with our team — we’re sorry you had to, just to make use of your subscription.

I wonder, could you please try logging into your account on Account - Roon Labs on a different device than the one you are using now? Can you log in?

I just tried to log into Roon on another device and had the same problem. I was also prompted to change my password. I changed the password and was still unable to logon.

Is it possible to delete my account completely so I can start again?


Hey @anon38391141,

Thanks for trying that. If we prefer to have this account deleted, we’ll go ahead and do that.

You will not be able to access this message thread afterwards, so, please allow for 10 minutes and create a new account then.


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