Can my MacBook with dBpoweramp rip directly to my NUC-attached library drive?

To date, when I’ve ripped a CD, I’ve used dBpoweramp on my MacBook Pro. I typically rip the disc to a temporary folder on my desktop and then use Finder or OwlFiles to transfer the rip to my Library drive at Network / rock / Data / Storage / Godzilla (the last being the name of my Roon Library USB HDD).

Since Finder can find this destination, is it reasonable to assume that I should be able to rip directly from the CD to my library drive by directing dBpoweramp to that location? Would the rip be as quick as ripping to the desktop and then transferring later?

Also, a stupid Apple question, please. Every time I insert a disc in my CD drive, Apple’s “Music” app starts automatically and I have to manually close it before dBpoweramp can “get to” the disc. I’ve looked for ways to tell Music NOT to open when I insert a CD, but apparently haven’t found the right place yet. I’m running OS-X Ventura 13.0.1.

You can, but it would likely take longer (file transfer across your network) and could cause some hiccups, as things may be in process of transferring when dbpa is trying to complete, for example, the ALBUM ReplayGain analysis. I rip with dbpa on my windows machine to a temporary folder on my win machine, then later transfer these to my NUC for Roon. And about half the time, I realize I want to do some tag tweaking, or redo RG analysis to include all disks of multidisk set in the calculation, etc. So the “in between” stage is useful for me.


I don’t have any LP’s or CD’s to rip, but I would never rip them directly to Roon. I would rip to a drive attached to my computer or a folder on the computer, then backup to another drive. After that, I would copy them to my Roon watched folder.


This is how I approach ripping too, for the same reasons. Rip to a local drive (which is also a backup) with dBpoweramp, tweak with MP3Tag if necessary, and then copy to the NUC’s internal drive.



Apple Menu > System Settings > CD & DVDs. These settings only show up when you have a CD drive connected and possibly only when you have a disc inserted.

Regarding ripping to a network volume:

I’ve found that when I rip directly to a network volume, sound quality of the rips is not as good. Less dynamic range and shallower base.

Sorry, wrong thread. :slight_smile:

I’ve been ripping to network volumes for decades. It either works or it doesn’t. I find it more convenient than ripping and copying and my wired network is much faster than ripping speed. If you’re curious if it works, and whether or not it’s faster or slower than ripping locally, just give it a shot and see. If there’s an issue, your rip will go slowly or will error out.

Hope that helps.


Know I’m late to this post, but a few comments.

  1. dbpoweramp default setting on where to “rip” files to is Music, that is why it always “pops” up.
  2. With OS Ventura. 13.4.1 dbpoweramp has MAJOR issues in running, program freezes, you have to force quit. More than my posts on dbpoweramp forum regarding this. I think since dbpweramp is “based” in UK there is a delay in responding yto “bug reports”. Since it is not working, I had “ripped” 1,500 cds previously, back to Music for ripping.