Can not paste my playlist in a new Roon core

Hi, I bought a new Innuos Zenith Mk3 and want to change my core from a iMac to the Zenith. It is working but I do not see all my playlists. Only from Tidal I see a playlist.

I try to paste my latest backup in the app on my iphone but it does not accept it. I right click the path of the backup on my Imac into the roon app on my phone like this:
/Users/rondijkstra/Music/Music/Roon backup/RoonBackups/62d7124b-e714-e2b5-afc6-1d322ef47660
and I add /My Music to it but the roon app this not accept it.

Can you help me please?


Ron Dijkstra

Does it work if you try it on the iMAC?