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Hi, just started to use Rock on a NUC, added a USB drive to it, select the drive as library and everything just work great …
Then I realized that a backup must be made. Putting another USB stick to the NUC, made the backup and after that my USB drive can’t be found. I unplugged it and tested if my computer can find it and no problem there. Plugged it back to another port on the NUC but it still can’t be found.
Any suggestions what to do?

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You could go into the cli and umount/mount it again. USB drives are awful even when you try to do it right.

I think rebooting it will be easier for most.

Let us know.

Is the USB disk formatted as NTFS? When you removed it from the NUC, how did you do it? Just unplugged or did you shut down the NUC before unplugging it?

Ohh, I have not installed/used the cli … when I installed the Rock and added my drive it just was there.
I have to read more regarding cli, thanks’ for replying.

Have to check but I think it is NTFS. It was no problems when I installed Rock and plugged in it the first time. No shutting down, I removed my backup-stick and after that the drive was gone. I unplugged it and removed it to another port, shutting down the Rock and started it again. No result.:cry:

NTFS file systems don’t like it AT ALL when they are hot-uplugged. That’s why Windows has this:

The file system is now probably flagged as unsafely removed and ROCK refuses to mount it:

So, attach it to the Windows machine, start a command window as administrator, run chkdsk /f on the disk. Then remove it safely from Windows.

Note that Roon does not recommend NTFS for external USB disks connected to ROCK/Nucleus:

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I assumed as it was linux and had cli access natively.
I see that is untrue.
I apologize for this track.

I still think rebooting it will get it back the quickest/easiest.

Thank’s for the tip, I try this tomorrow.

It has been a frequent issue generally, after RoonOS was updated to build 254 with the better, stricter NTFS driver. Many such cases had gone undetected previously with the older driver (but then may have led to corruption later-on). In one case on the forum, it happened after a power outage that shut down the ROCK - it has a very similar effect to hot-unplugging the disk.

So I’m optimistic in your case as well. If it doesn’t help in this case, at least you ruled something out :slight_smile: Good luck

Formatted the drive to exFAT, copied all files, connected to my NUC … and everything works again! Thank you very much for your tip!


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