Can not start Roon on my Windows 10 surface book 2

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Win 10 Pro, Surface book 2, RAM 16GB

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I have not used Roon for a while, may be 3 months. Now, I start Roon with latest software, but it just displays the bullet icon running but I keep on waiting but it can not load.

I tried different screen resolutions but none of them works. Please help!

Kind regards, Phong T Nguyen.

Hey @Thanh_Phong_Nguyen,

We’re so sorry you’re experiencing this :sweat: . We appreciate you taking a moment to let us know.

What you’re describing seems to fit an issue we encountered after Windows automatically updates. Sometimes, these automatic updates can be unreliable. To resolve this, could you please:

  • Quit Roon
  • Restart your Windows machine
  • Uninstall the graphics drivers
  • Download the graphics drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website
  • Install the graphics drivers
  • Launch Roon

Thanks in advance :pray:

Dear Rebeka:

Actually I don’t think it is convenient to uninstall the graphics drivers, download then reinstall the graphics drivers. The reasons being I have 2 graphics cards on my Surface Book 2, so I am actually negleted to do the steps.

Is there any other ways? Maybe I upload the Roon log files to you?

Kind regards, Phong T Nguyen

There was a Window update just recently , it is not uncommon for those updates to overwrite your graphics driver with Windows “own” this can often cause issues with Roon

In the case of Microsoft Surface, I would hope that the drivers in Microsoft Windows are the ones provided from one Microsoft team to the other?

Yes, it comes preinstalled on my Surface Book 2. Therefore, I don’t want to just download them again.

Is there any other way to fix it?

I assume you are running a regular version of Windows 10 ? How much RAM does your Surface have?
I would uninstall Roon, remove all traces completely (using Ccleaner or any other cleaning software) and try to re-install.

Actually I can fix it now. I now can run on my Surface Book 2 again already.

I used to run, so I guess nothing is that serious of a problem.

My guess is due to the screen resolution. So what I did:

  1. I changed resolution back to 1280x800 and disconnect all my external monitors.
  2. Run Roon, did not work.
  3. Uninstall Roon (only application and leave the settings and library intact) and install Roon again.
  4. Run Roon. It can start on my 1280x800 resolution. So I guess it can run again.
  5. I connect my 2 external monitors (1 LG and 1 Dell) and start Roon.
  6. It now can run perfectly on my LG portrait mode (2160x3840).

Thanks all! Issue now closed!

Kind regards, Phong T Nguyen.

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