Can Nucleus connect to the same endpoint via USB & Ethernet

I have recently bought the NAD M33 and via ethernet Roon is working well.
If I purchased a Nucleus (or +) is it possible to use BOTH the ethernet connection and the USB connection to the Nucleus?
The reason I would want to do this is for DSD tracks (the new M33 USB module enables this)
Both the ethernet and USB connections would essentially be attached to the same endpoint - the NAD M33. Will this show up as 2 endpoints that can be selected in Roon?

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Without having either I’ll say “yes” as this works for other gear. They will show-up as two separate zones (which you’ll enable under audio settings).

What is your Core now? You should be able to do this with any Core or endpoint really.

Physically yes but not logically. Logically they are two different endpoints. One is the Roon Ready portion of the M33 and the other is the DAC portion (exposed by ALSA under Linux on the Nucleus when USB cable attached) which is why this should work fine.

You’ll need to change zones in Roon and possibly inputs on the M33.

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Depending on the usb driver support needed to use dsd on the NAD you may or may not get full specs of dsd playback.

Many dacs use usb with specific special drivers to extract the highest performance bit rates typically these require windows os

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Got it, was not aware of that. Thanks.

My core is currently a windows 10 pc (very powerful one), but not something that would ever be in the living room.

I could however use another mini pc for testing.

That’s good information.
I checked the product page for the module:

In order to stream your computer audio, ensure that the Sound or Audio device setting of your computer is set to “NAD USB Audio.” Download the “NAD USB Audio Driver” (Download the Audio Driver from the NAD USB DSD product page on nadelectronics. com) and install this driver to your computer by following the instructions provided. Minimum system requirement: Microsoft Windows 7. Note: Any drivers previously loaded must be uninstalled prior to
installing this driver.

Probably means it will not work with Nucleus as it would require the specific driver to be loaded.

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