Can PEQ settings from a txt document be imported to Roon’s PEQ?

I just spent a lot of time manually entering PEQ settings into Roon for my new headphones (trying out different suggested PEQ settings).

If I understand correctly, some programs allow one to import PEQ settings from a txt document. Can this be done in Roon?

For clarity, I’m not talking about convolution files (I’ve already added one to try).

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Hi @Saturn94 - I have imported Convolution filters (WAV files) (ZIP) and it works fine.

Not sure if that answer your question


Also do that by hand.

HQP lets you import the text file. I did not find a way in roon.

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What’s your reason to not go with convolution?
As a matter of fact, the convolution filters more precisely follow the desired correction while the PEQ method is an approximation only.
You could always add your seasoning with PEQ later…


I know the question is not for me so sorry if I bug in.

None. Maybe just that it requires a file, the case were that would be an argument is not existing.

Thanks. Somehow intuitively I knew this but thanks for spelling it out.

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As for the frequency correction only, convolution might be more precise but usually this is not necessary or even counter productive.
Corrections with a high Q value are usually not required. In headphones for example device to device variations can make it difficult to correct peaks when using published data e.g. by crinacle or oratory. In room correction slight shift of listening position can move the frequency of peaks and dips. So often a more broad correction makes more sense.

The main advantage of convolution is that it can contain phase correction information, which you cannot do with PEQ only.

Edit: Oratory convolution files do not contain phase corrections, they contain „only“ frequency corrections.


Thanks, I appreciate the response. Yes, I am able to import convolution files (though I dislike Roon’s requirement to use a PC or Mac to do so!). In this case I’m just speaking of PEQ settings. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. I’m glad to use a convolution if it gives me the best result. I have loaded a convolution filter from here;

At this point I’m experimenting with different options to see what I like best (some members on ASR have posted some great PEQ settings for my headphones). It seems there are plusses and minuses to each method (PEQ vs convolution).

This process would be much easier if I could import a set of PEQ settings instead of having to manually enter each filter setting.

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I have enjoyed experimenting with peq on the Qudelix 5k and using Squiglink to auto eq headphones / iems to a desired target frequency response. I would love a feature that allows me to import PEQ settings from a txt file so that I could easily import the same PEQ settings to Roon (and not have to enter them by hand). Just my add to this feature request.


Importing text files exported from squiglink is being implemented well in other softwares.

Would love this to be implemented in to roon so that I can stream the eq’d profile straight from roon.

Separately, not being able to just tab through the data fields in the existing manual entry UI is pretty clumsy.

This seems like a straightforward request and common feature.

Would love it if Roon either:

  • Added the ability to directly import filter.txt files with PEQ settings
  • Integrated with or built some tool that takes direct measurements (REW, Housecurve, etc.)
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Would really be interested in this getting implemented soon. There are so many different EQ profiles, corrections, target curves that should be easy as easy to import as they are in other softwares.

You can literally export various text files from squiglink for multiple software types.