Can roon add the functions that find source by folder?

I have not find the function which can find source by folder, and I think it is very important when the music source on Nas is well-known.

I support - any adwanced search option.

Sorry, I can’t catch what’s your mean.
Besides, the question I asked maybe is not very clear. I hope roon can have the function that customers can view music source files by folder. It will be more helpful when the album or artist is not well-known and forgettable.


The track browser in Roon can display a path column for each track which may help. However, I think your looking more for something that’s discussed in these topics:

Both a quite long, but worth a read if you have the time.

I would also like to be able to search by folder. although I have Roon and Tidal Masters and I love it; it does have flaws, I have 800 Cd’s on my Synology NAS drive via Roon. Yes we all know it will display some of them but if you truly want to know whats on the NAS drive you have to use the Synology software or in my case BlueOs software. Please correct me if I am wrong and I can find every folder on my NAS drive via Roon.


The problem with Roon refusing to add folder search is not with ripped CDs. They usually come with metadata intact.
The problem becomes evident with say bootlegs that do not have any metadata at all (not even track numbers). They usually come just with tracknames that contain the tracknumber and the track name. So unless all these albums are tagged manually, Roon cannot find them, because it has not metadata to list them by.
+1 for folder search.

All my cd’s that are on my Synology NAS drive in excess of 600 are ripped with dBpoweramp and have the metadata and they are all genuine, but as you can imagine to remember what you have on the drive is hard so I have to go on the free software i.e Synology or Blueos that are free to remind me what I have on the drive so that I can keep them in my Roon library or select them as a favourite in Roon. I am very happy with Roon and get a lot of pleasure playing back Tidal MQA discs. but at times when I use BlueOs to find my folders on the NAS and sometimes playback with this software, I often wonder if £100.00 a year is worth it. Does anybody know a way so that a NAS could be made to show up in the browse section of the Roon menu.

I’m puzzled. I’m not really understanding your meaning here. If these CDs have been ripped with all the metadata, then they are in your Roon library - why do you need to remember that they are on your hard drive?

Do you mean that you would like to browse them separately from the MQA albums that you have added via TIDAL? You can do this by using Focus to select your CDs (either by using format or storage location selection criteria) and then making a Bookmark called (e.g.) My CD Collection…

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