Can Roon analyse 'sonic similarity' like Plex Super Sonic?

The instructions mention a number of times that you cannot see the progress using the local web app instance, you must use to see the progress of the scanner.

I have 3000 album, set mine to run as a a scheduled task from midnight to 7 am, was done in a week on a 2013 i5 iMac with 8gb RAM.

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Still lame I don’t ever use their web interface. My local serve instance should show this info

Thanks for sharing that, it explains why it sometimes appears, as I often log into the local IP address.

Just adding to the conversation about what type of analysis would be comparable to Super Sonic and worth incorporating into Roon, BeaTunes is worth a look.

beaTunes employs sophisticated algorithms to analyze your music for metadata like tempo (BPM), key, color, segments, similarities, loudness, and acoustical fingerprints. It lets you know, what’s in all those files!

Analysis is a stable foundation for great sounding playlists as well as tag lookup and acoustical duplicate detection.


Thanks for the tip.

I tried it and it seems to want to change my files. Maybe for the better but i don’t like that very much. Have to look deeper into it.

Do you use beatunes icw Roon? Can you give some insight?

Mines finished analysing.

Sorry but James Say something and Mojave 3’ keep it all Hid are about as sonically similar as a bee and a dog, Plex seems to think otherwise. Looking at what it throws up I am failing to see the excitement here . It’s lot more eclectic mix of that’s what you want but it’s going more off piste from my starting point than Roon radio ever does. I also don’t want to listen to songs that are all the same pace which this seems to be what it’s doing track wise anyway.

I think it’s more anticipation than excitement :grin:. Going to be waiting a while

You need to ditch that NAS as server. Use it as NAS and use a real computer. :wink:

I have lot’s of real computers :smile_cat: (too many really). I am just using them all for other things.

The Synology Nas is plenty of powerful enough for most of what I ask for it (basically Plex movies, TV and music) and has no issues with anything else. It’s just this process doesn’t seem very optimised and I might only use it once or twice

I do actually have a Nuc 7th Gen i5 that I installed Ubuntu and Plex on, but that is now set up with HQPLAYER embedded for me to test to the iFi Stream.

I used to run mine on my QNAP but it choked for transcoding, esoecially 4k or HDR which I used away from home and family use it in other households. So swapped to Ubuntu and an i3 NuC now it’s so.much quicker to navigate and transcoding even HDR transcoding is done via the GPU without getting bothered at all.

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That’s probably where I will end up once I have finished playing with the latest setup.

Trying not to run a data center in my study though :flushed:

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Mines in the cupboard under the stairs. Now I have the USW16 and CloudKey feels less like a home network when I look in there, Need some nice cable tidying though.

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Get yourself some good whisky and get Graeme round for some work. Looks like his specialist subject :grin:

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Honestly, I own a license for an older version, but I haven’t used the program in years and I don’t recall when I originally bought it. I’m a Roon Lifetime subscriber, so I do most of my listening via Roon or Spotify.

Only about 1 week and some time to to go :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :rofl:
I assume when that finishes the next 200 tracks I have added will start so that will be another day :see_no_evil:


Not bothered with it since my responses here. Most likely won’t use it as I just don’t like it as an interface and it doesn’t interact with any of my hifi properly.

I understand, but I have been away for 3 days and was thinking it might be closer to completion, it analyses dog slow.
Its a quad core machine with 8GB of RAM.

I’m going to let it finish before I decide to be disappointed though :laughing:

I think you may like what it throws up. The mixes are fine if you like what it does but I don’t find them any better than standard Roon radio a few more curve balls , but I am not interested in hearing music all the same pace and rhythm which is what it seemed to be for me.

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I already have Tidal for that (or YouTube and Spotify) so it is more out of interest for when I am in work and traveling. Maybe my memory of using Pandora in it’s early years has worn with age, but that used to give me great results. Maybe I am expect too much, but those songs rarely had the same pace, especially if I seeded it with 3 or 4 songs to kick it off.
Maybe that is the difference