Can Roon be used as a Airplay device?

(Chang Shim) #1

Hi… my apologies in advance if this is already discussed and answered, but I was wondering if Roon can make installed PC to act as an Airplay device, like Linn DS or Pioneer N-50s, so I won’t need Airport Express or Apple TV to stream my music in Iphone? Probably not, but I guess worth asking… If not… mind asking why not? Could it be license issue with Apple? or is it something that can never be achieved only through software development?

Thank You~

(Jan-Jaap) #2

While I’d like an integrated option, there are other solutions to make your PC/Mac into an Airplay receiver. Airfoil being one of them for OSX/Windows, Shairport for Linux.

If you don’t set your audiodevice to exclusive mode they should work together.

For the Linux server there should be an option to pause Roon (and release audio device) from the commandline so Shairport can take over if needed.

(Danny Dulai) #3

There is no issue in doing this, but Roon is not an audio endpoint, it is a library and audio manager. If you want your PC/Mac to be an Airplay audio receiver, there are many options out there. AirServer and Airfoil being two of the major ones. I like AirServer personally.

(Chang Shim) #4

Thank you for the responses. I do have airport express, but connecting it to my Meridian DSP directly is bit tricky since it only has s/pdif output. I was thinking if there are ways to use my MS200 to stream Airplay. I will look into Airserver options. Thanx.