Can Roon be used to play music on ibasso dx200?

I know that ibasso dx200 runs a version of Android as an alternative to its dedicated mangi OS. Can the roon app be installed on the ibasso dx200 and be used to play music on it?

This does not answer your question but might help, I run Roon on my Echobox Explorer…which runs a version of android, also. Just had to side load it on the device, actually just updated Roon on it today by using the internal web browser and going to Roon downloads page to download the APK directly.

Yes and no! The Roon app can be installed, and does work. But the screen resolution is that of a tablet, really too small to make out what’s on the screen and to operate it. I have tried using it in non private zone mode, so I can control it with my iPad. This works ok, but the sound quality is not as good as using the dx200 directly. I think this is due to android downsampling or the utilisation of the dac but I am not an expert on this. Even cd quality sounds worse via Roon. There is a modded firmware released by Lurker which allows players on the dx200 to use the in built dac almost as a USB dac, but I do not know whether this works with Roon.
It is a shame the resolution is wrong, because the dx200 is such a fantastic player. Do you have a dx200 or are you thinking of getting one?

I am just considering buying the DX200 as I love my DX90. Roon is such a great platform that it is a pity if the DX200 cannot benefit from it. Let me ask you, why do you say that the resolution is that of a tablet? I run Roon on my iphone 6s which has not a tablet size display. Still Roon can be controlled with comfort from the iPhone. Maybe you have side loaded the wrong apk?

I have looked into this a little bit. I believe there is only one Android Apk, and the display resolution is dependent on what the Roon app picks up from the device. For some reason this is too high a resolution for the do200, things are just too small. Here’s a screenshot

Much as I would love it to work, it just isn’t user/finger friendly enough. There may be ways around it …I think you can adjust the screen resolution by rooting the device. But I am not up to that and am concerned that doing this will upset the rest of the player software. The other thing is the sq, which is not as good via Roon as playing files directly from the sd card. Not sure why, but see comments above. Would be intrigued to hear anyone else’s experiences, or comments from @support about the resolution issue. Else I’m going to build a rpi set up for home headphone listening and continue to use the DX200, (which is a FANTASTIC sounding DAP but very weak compared to Roon in the UI stakes), out and about.

We’re at the mercy of the Android hardware in cases like this, but you may be able to tweak it. Lots more info in these threads:

The other problem with this device is that we’re currently limited to 16/48 on Android and don’t yet support external DACs :frowning:

We are planning to address that limitation in the future, but unfortunately I don’t have a time frame to share quite yet.

I have one of the new DX220s connected to a Roon Server via WiFi and Roon isn’t stable. Every time the screen wakes up Roon appears to restart and as noted the high-res content downsamples to 16/4x… Tidal is stable so there’s no crisis, but I would definitely love to see this supported as I really like the whole Roon experience. The iBasso is an exceptional sounding player, so this would be a worthy offering…