Can Roon import from the NUC microSD card slot?

I’ve got a surface that has one usb port and one microSD card. I’m ripping to the microSD card. Can I put it into the microSD card slot on the NUC (8th gen i5)? If so, how?

See the following links:


Thank you. I’m new and just starting up the learning curve…


are you running ROCK on that NUC?

Yup. Just got it started about 4 days ago.

I don’t know if this (or similar) would work but worth a punt …

Where is your music library being held? In an internal drive in your NUC, on a USB drive plugged into the NUC, or external to the NUC (e.g. on a NAS or in a shared folder held on another computer)?

If the library is being held on the NUC, then it seems to me that even if Carl’s suggestion works (a USB to microSD card adaptor), you’re still better off transferring your ripped files directly from your Surface to the NUC.

If you’re wanting to import ripped files into your Roon library on the NUC, there are two ways of doing it:

  1. Use Windows Explorer on the Surface to access the music storage folder on the NUC and transfer the ripped files and folders across via Windows Explorer.
  2. Drag and drop the ripped files and folders from Windows Explorer onto the Roon window - this will start Roon’s automatic import process and copy the files into Roon’s library.

Method (1) is liked by those who want to have full control over where the ripped files will end up in Roon’s library, and preserve the folder names. Method (2) is used by those who want to leave it up to Roon to do an automatic import.

There seems to me to be little point in physically taking out the microSD card from your Surface and plugging it into your NUC, because you’d still need to use Windows Explorer on your Surface to access both your library storage and the microSD card (now plugged into the NUC) to import your ripped files from the card into the library manually…

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