Can Roon talk to Dynaudio Music speakers?

Any plans for Roon to be able to talk to / control Dynaudio Music family of speakers or at least the Music 1? If not Roon Ready or Roon Tested, some level of control the way Roon can send to Sonos?

Normal response is to talk to Dynaudio about their plans for certification, if any.

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From Dynaudio support:

Thank you for contacting us.
No, there’s no plan to add Roon to Music, unfortunately.
If you have any other questions related to Music, please ask.
Nice day to you.
Med venlig hilsen / Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Out of curiosity, how does Roon work with Sonos? Sonos isn’t listed on Roon’s partner page but Roon can still stream to Sonos speakers. Dynaudio’s Music line of speakers seem similar, at least functionally (network devices controlled by proprietary app).

I believe Roon talks to the Sonos API and emulates the needed protocol. It is distinct as one can’t have Sonos and others synched. However, Sonos - huge installed base and users so worth the effort. Dynaudio??

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Feature Req submitted.