Can Roon upsample to DSD1024 or PCM1536?


Last week. I bought a new DAC Holo Spring 2. It can support DSD1024 & PCM 1536.
But I tried to use Roon to upsample to DSD1024 . Roon show error and down to DSD512.
When I checked the setup options .It show error ,not only DSD1024,but also PCM1536 was same situation.

Can you tell me. Do Roon support DSD1024 & PCM 1536 ?

Thank you

I do not think so, there is a Feature Request for this.

Raising this question again with the about to be ready Holo RED DDC

@danny come on Roon should at least be able to deal with the PCM 1.5MHz up-sampling on a decent CPU

Denafrips also has support for 1024/1.5MHz too and quite a few others