Can See Rock in Mac Finder, Can't Connect

Roon Server Machine

I can see the Roon Rock in my MacBookPro (M2) finder. But when i click to connect on it, the connection fails. I can connect to the same Rock from a windows PC connected to the same wifi and browse files on the internal storage drive…

I did switch the Roon Rock from one network to another. Before the switch the SMB Connection from the MacBook is was fine. Thanks in advance for any help to resolve this issues.

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Your network mask (, while unusual, is not wrong per se but may be a typo – please check that all machines in your network use the same network mask. Also note that your configured DNS server address ( is outside of the current network ( and might be unreachable.

Thanks for the thoughtful response. These network settings, automatically generated by the TP-Link X50, are because i had the PC, Mac, and the Rock, connected to a router, behind a router. TipLink X-50 behind an ATT box. Regardless, the PC is able to connect and the Mac is not. So, not sure how that makes sense if the network settings are wrong.

Now i have connected everything, the PC, Mac, and Rock to the ATT Box directly which is connected to ATT Fiber. Still the same issue.

Mac that is having the issue…

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Note: Roon OS (ROCK) just provides the service (SMB network share). It is your Mac that tries to connect to the service and fails in some, so far unknown (to us), way. This is not a Roon (ROCK) issue but an issue with your Mac and/or your network configuration that you have to resolve. If you need help with resolving your issue you may have to provide more detailed information about your issue than you did so far.

PS: Restarting all involved machines (router, ROCK, Mac) may help to ensure that the new network configuration gets properly used by all of them.

Yes, i clearly recognize this is an issue on the Mac. I’m hoping someone can help me figure out how to solve it… I have rebooted everyhting … a couple of times…

Now i tried connecting with just the IP Address, and it is working. Hopefully, that helps troubleshoot… becuase it looks like something to do with naming services … i have no idea what i’m talking about :slight_smile:

strangely, the IP address and the name ROCK is visible in Mac… so, the problem is that the Mac’s name resolution is proberbly pointing to the old ip address…

Name resolution works such that the client (Mac) contacts the DNS service (which is known to the Mac as for the IP address of the machine named ‘rock’. The service returns some IP and this is what the Mac tries to use.

But the client has a local cache so that it does not have to ask every time. Maybe the cache is stale and flushing it helps:

If this does not help, then maybe it can’t reach the DNS or the DNS returns an incorrect IP for ‘rock’

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