Can someone teach me the DSP thing?

Hello, can someone help me about DSP? I just know nothing about it. :slight_smile: I searched the forum but could not find answers to my questions. Thank you.

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This KB article describes the Roon DSP Engine.

What are your unanswered questions ?

I read that article, but I don’t know that technical terms, what does what, how should I set those etc. I need a patient teacher :slight_smile: Thank you.

You don’t necessarily even need DSP.

What’s your setup?

What are you trying to accomplish?

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I got Quad ESL 2905 driven by Devialet 120 ROCK on Nuc5i5.

I am wondering that room correction thing, and how Roon makes the sound better.

My first use of DSP using Roon was headphone correction using the instructions in this thread: Headphone settings for parametric and convolution equalizer

It’s obviously headphone only but gives you a chance to hear the difference DSP can make without too much effort. Headphone correction is easier than room correction as there’s far fewer variables. If you want to get hardcore you can try this thread on room correction: A guide how to do room correction and use it in Roon but it needs an investment in equipment and time. The results can be very good.

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This link gives a decent beginner level guide as to how convolution filters and impulse response works with a few nice demos:

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This is an amazing resource, thank you!
Got my HD800S, Solaris and SE846 all set up so I can just switch between them whenever I want. Particularly useful for those of us who don’t have measuring equipment (and even if I did, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it)
Cheers! :grinning::beers:

Glad to hear you’re happy, slightly envious of those headphones :wink: