Can’t add network share to run Roon backup

Latest version of Roon and InnuOS

I can’t locate the network location for the backups, which are stored on the Innuos server, which Roon is connected to. The network path keeps telling me there is an error. It would be much easier if you could navigate or search for the Innuos rather than having to enter the network path, which is not easy to see on IOS on a Mac or IPad. This is likely to be my ignorance of computer related matters, but in reality this should be a simple process for a person without the need for a degree in computer admin. I can’t even see the Innuos on my local network on a PC running Windows 10.

Linksys Velop wireless mesh to Innuos via Ethernet

Innuos Zenith 2 ethernet via English Electric switch

iPad as controller.

Can’t locate or add network share on Innuos to run backup.

You are missing a share name. smb://hostname/sharename

Yep, thanks. It still needs to be easier. If you haven’t done it for a while, you forget!

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