Can’t connect iPad or iPhone to MacBook Air Core

Roon Core Machine

I use a MacBook Air as my Core.
Mac OS x10.16.0/::
Version 1.8 (build 756) stable.”

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Description of Issue

I am unable to connect Roon to the Core via either my iPad or iPhone. On both, the Roon app says

“One or more devices on your network needs a software update.”

However, my MacBook Air says that

“Your Mac is up to date - macOS Monterey 12.3.1.”

My iPad says that

“iPad OS 15.4.1 is up to date.”

My iPhone says that

“OS 15.4.1 is up to date.”

I have rebooted all three devices to no effect.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

It means that the Roon build versions are not the same.
Go look in settings about to see the Roon build versions.
Probably your iOS devices need Roon build updates.

Please post what the actual versions are but most likely once you look at settings about it will say an update is available.

Thanks. You’re right - I still have Roon version 1.8 (build 756) on my MacBook Air core. It appears that there have been many updates since then (I should be getting automatic updates, but that’s another question entirely). However, when I try to download version 1.8 (build 931), I keep getting a message that “There was an error checking for an update.” I have rebooted the MacBook and tried to download the update multiple times, to no effect.

Any ideas? Very frustrating!

That is old!
Well do you have a lot of edits in your DB that you want to keep?

You could delete entirely Roon from your Mac and start again with a fresh new install.

But let’s see what @support have to offer first as a suggestion to successfully update to latest version.

You have been extremely helpful. I’ll reinstall Roon if I must, but I would love to hear from Support first. How do I accomplish this?

You are in the right place and I can tell you that support are aware of your case.
Just have to wait for them to get to you at this stage.
Appreciate your patience and understanding here!

Hi @Tom_Shirley, thank you so much for bringing this issue to our attention. I appreciate your patience so far, and I know how frustrating it can be when you have a connection problem to your Core.

Do you have a firewall or any antivirus software which could be blocking the automatic updates?

To connect, Roon requires that the Core and all Remotes be running the same build. I recommend you try the step @AceRimmer helpfully suggested, which is to delete Roon entirely and reinstall with the latest version.

Do take note that you may not be able to restore your backup, so any edits/history in your DB may be lost.

Here are the steps for the manual delete/reinstall:

  1. Backup Roon and delete it
  2. Restart Mac
  3. Download Roon from our downloads page
  4. Install Roon
  5. Try to restore backup

Please let me know if you’re able to resolve the issue with the reinstall, and we’ll work the problem from there.

Thank you!


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