Can’t Connect to Roon Server on SGC SonicTransporter i5

Roon Core Machine

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Orbi Mesh Router

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SGC SonicTransporter i5->OpticalRendu->iFi Pro iDSD DAC

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All of a sudden, yesterday, I could not connect to the Roon server on my sonic transporter i5. I have no idea why. Is it that the room core is damaged, is something wrong with the i5, is it a software glitch, or something else? Again, I’m lost as to where to even start. This has never happened before. Occasionally (rarely) it connects for a minute or so, and then I get the message “lost connection to server”. I don’t know if the problem is with SGC, or with Roon, or something else. Any ideas as to how to troubleshoot this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

There have been a rash of SGC losing Roon Core of late.
Best to contact SGC I think.
Paging @agillis for you.

Are you able to connect to the SonicTransporter via its website? And have you tried restarting Roon and/or the SonicTransporter?

By “its website” meaning sonicorbiter. com, then the answer is yes. I have tried restarting Roon on the SonicOrbiter website, and I’ve tried restarting the SonicTransporter i5 many times. No luck.Thanks for your tips. It’s all helpful.

The last time this occurred ( yesterday) SGC had the customer uninstall the Roon server software via Sonic orbiter and then reinstall and that appeared to work.

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I did reach out to Andrew and he probably won’t respond until Monday. A possible relevant fact–I restarted my OpticalRendu and the light never turned green. It got stuck on orange. Now maybe that’s because it’s not receiving a signal from the ST i5, but I do wonder if its relevant. Thanks for helping me out.

Try this…

Can you walk me through how to do that? You need to be concrete and literal, because I am only modestly technically savvy. Thanks!

I would recommend to try my suggestion (see above) first. Otherwise, you will have to make a backup first and then restore that backup after you have installed Roon Server again.

Really? Uninstalling Roon Server on SonicOrbiter deletes the database, too? That’s good to know.

I am not 100% sure about that, but I would certainly recommend to make a backup first, just to be sure.

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That’s exactly what I did and it did work. I also had to reinstall all of the Roon Remotes as well. Now everything is copasetic. How does the Roon Server software get corrupted like that from one day (working fine) to the next day when it no longer works? Thank you all for your help. It made things so much quicker and easier.

Have you updated the software of your Sonicorbiter? It probably isn’t Roon that got faulty, bit the interaction between Roon and Sonicorbiter.

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