Can’t delete playlist tracks added by Tidal to Roon


Somehow a promotional Tidal playlist of rap music was added to my Tidal account and then automatically populated in Roon. I deleted the playlist in Tidal but cannot figure out how to delete from Roon. I’ve spend a fair amount of time trying to remove these tracks. Could you please help? Thanks.

Hey @Kevin_Haninger,

Just to verify, is this a playlist that is showing in Roon in the Playlists section, or are these Albums that are now appearing in your main Roon library?

Take a look at our KB article on TIDAL Collections. Is there any chance that this is what was added to your library? If so, there are instructions listed in that article to remove the albums.


@dylan Many thanks for your response. These are albums that are now appearing in my Roon library (although only 1-2 tracks per album). The playlist does not show appear in Roon. I don’t think this was Tidal Collections, either but will check. I’ve used Tidal and Roon for a long time and something like this has never occurred before.

Thanks for the info, @Kevin_Haninger!

If these albums were recently added all around the same time, it may be easiest to go to the Albums browser and set the sort to Date Added so you can see the most recently added. Then you can select multiple albums at once and remove them from your library.

Did you perhaps favorite these individual tracks on TIDAL? They would show up under My Collection -> Tracks on TIDAL and would thus appear in your Roon library too.

i have the same problem (some rap albums suddenly addet top my roon library somehow from tidal… ) it happens several times…i was abble to remove them (in past) by now…its not possible remove it (there is a error message – there is not possible remove the track because is not in my library) …so…what shall i do??? I have lot of some rubbish in roon and im not able clean it