Can’t delete unknown album/artist icons

Hi i have a blue spinning circle and when i click on it i get this messages

Also unknown album/ artist icons have appeared and i can’t delete them. Any ideas

Hi Leo

You can try the following steps:

First of all, stop and reboot your Roon Core. Then also stop and reboot your Roon Remote(s).
A good change the message shown above will have disappeared.

then, for the unknown albums, try the following:

If you can edit the album, you can remove it from your library.
Open Edit and select identify album.
You can select whatever album, even a total different one - as long as you remember it - and then click save.
By doing this Roon will write in it’s database. As a result you have gained back control over the “identified” album, i.e. you can remove it from your library.
Do this for all the ‘unknown’ albums. If there is an artist aligned with the album that is not yet present in your Library, it should automatically be removed with the removal of the album.
After that, go to Settings - library- clean library.

Just give it a go. It really is not that complicated.

Hi Dirk, thanks for the reply. Doing a reboot seems to have stopped the “blue circle” but i still can’t delete the unknown folders ( it says they might be in use or i do not have permission to delete them) but i am able to hide them so happy with that.