Can’t flash ROCK image to flash drive

Installing ROCK on a NUC. When I got to the step to flash the ROCK image on a USB drive using Etcher, I get the error “Something went wrong. If it is a compressed image, please check that the archive is not corrupted.” This is on a Mac. Tried both the gz file which I found in the trash and the img file. Unlike the gz file, the img file has “-100000175” after “factoryreset”. I thought it would be identical to the gz file - just without the gz at the end, but it’s not. Any clues as to what might be wrong? Thanks

Are you running MacOS Catalina? If so, see this thread …

Found another post that had the same problem. Turns out it’s a known problem with the new Catalina OS on the Mac. Tried it on my wife’s Windows machine and all was fine. Here’s that post: Archive Corrupted Error in Etcher

So now yet another app is crippled by Catalina … better go and complain on their forum too…Oh its free software so maybe that’s ok…well maybe if everyone isn’t jumping on the latest software OS updates it might not be such a bad thing…

OK off my soap box now.

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These workarounds may be of use

Moving your image inside seems to do the trick.
You can do this by selecting “Show Package Contents” on and dragging your image inside of it. Then you can select your image as usual from Finder and the flashing will go ahead. Make sure you select the image inside


sudo /Applications/

I have the same problem using Win10. Whenever I flashed a USB drive the balenaEtcher said “Flash Failed” so I never make a useful USB drive for the brand new NUC. The NUC also said there is no bootable OS. Help!!

Did you decompress the downloaded file? I just built a new machine to host ROCK and the download worked without issue.

No I didn’t decompress the downloaded file name “roonbox-linuxx64-nuc3-usb-factoryreset.img”. I then used balenaEtcher to load the downloaded file as the source. I tried on 2 laptops and use 2 different USB fingers (8GB and 16GB) still no luck…

If you don’t have the two files listed below, I would download again and make sure you receive the .gz file and it decompresses to the .img file.

Windows will make it appear to be decompressed but it’s only showing what is in the archive file. Right-click on the the .gz file and select Extract/Extract All. MacOS should auto decompress it for you but it will have numerals in the file name like below.

The downloaded file should be ‘roonbox-linuxx64-nuc3-usb-factoryreset.img.gz’

Once decompressed it should be ‘roonbox-linuxx64-nuc3-usb-factoryreset-100000227.img’

I am having trouble with this too. I have 2 files. One is .img and the other is .img.gz. Which of these two files gets flashed onto the USB drive? I am hoping it is the .img file as the .img.gz file is 32GB and I don’t happen to have a flash drive around that is that large. Please advise. Thanks.