Can’t get in anymore!

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus
Use iPad and iPhone

Network Details

Audio Devices

Meridian equipment-218 endpoint
7200SE speakers

Library Size

Was 3700 CDs, attempted to add another 18,000 CDs.

Description of Issue

I was using a My Book HD that had 3700 CDs on it
I added a 2nd My Book that has WAY TOO MANY CDs on it for a regular Nucleus! 18,000 CDs!
Forgot that the regular Nucleus is for 10k and under CDs.

It started the loading process but went to a constant “Roon searching icon” when it reached its limit
I removed the 18k Drive and left the original 3,700 one connected.

NOW, I CAN’T GET IT TO SHOW ANYTHING. It just shows the Nucleus Core and when I hit the “connect” button, it just keeps the Roon loading icon — FOREVER — cannot do anything.

I have unplugged everything, restarted, checked all connection, network is fine — I am hard-wired vs wireless. I also tried connecting another HD with different music — simply cannot get anything started anymore???

Any advice would be appreciated!

I’m sorry for the trouble here, @Dr_David_Jones

Starting out, I’m hoping you can give this a try:

  • Stop RoonServer from the Web UI
  • Navigate to your Roon Database Location - Database\Registry\Core
  • Locate your tidal_account file and delete it
  • Try to start Roon again
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There is no hard limit. It will work just fine, and you will be able to load these albums into your Nucleus. The recommendations regarding library size and Nucleus choice are guestimates. If you want to do upsampling and convolution filters to several endpoints simultaneously you would want something more powerful though. (And to me, the + model really doesn’t have much gain on the standard i3)

What happened is, however, a mystery and @dylan response is confusing in the context given.

I’m a bit curious to what “FOREVER” is in your mind? A library of over 20K albums on USB-storage WILL take bout 5-10 minutes to load.
If you had under 4K albums before, this might be unexpected.
This is quite irrelevant though as the Nucleus is designed to be kept running continously.

Sorry, but I’m not great at technical audio

Could you provide specific step by step?

I have Roon and Tidal apps on my iPhone and iPad. Work mostly off my iPad.

I do think there is something “stuck” in a loop

Hey @Dr_David_Jones,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Let’s see if this helps.

  1. Navigate to the Web UI. Instructions are below:
  1. Stop Roon Server software (instructions at the above link)

  2. Time to locate the Roon database. You’d need a PC for this - either a Mac or a Windows. You should find a RoonServer folder by following the two steps here:

  1. In that folder, find the tidal_account and delete it

  2. Go back to the Web UI and start Roon

Please, let us know where you get stuck :nerd_face:

I went into nucleus roonserver and nowhere does it show tidal_account

When I stop Roon server from web UI I’m not able to access database either.

Do I need to do a Roon database and settings reset.

I’ve done reinstall. Restart. Reboot

Under the Database section, look under Registry and then Core. See a pic from my ROCK below


Daniel — looks like my son read your guidance and GOT IT WORKING AGAIN!!!

Thanks much. I just wish I knew enough to help others in return.

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Glad your son got it working for you!

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