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Just migrated from core on Mac to nucleus… now I can’t login because it says I’m already have an active core which I don’t … this is ridiculous

You should either be able to log out of the old core on the mac (you would need to start that core up again just to do this) or de-authorize the old core on the Nucleus. It should give you the option to do that when setting up the Nucleus. Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing on teh Nucleus?

This worked yesterday when I first set up the new unit and I deauthorized my mac

When I go back it shows one core my nucleus and I I login it’s Cha Cha Cha the same error …

Can to describe what you are trying to do? What device are you on attempting this on? Did the device previously connect to the old core? Are you sure you are trying to connect to the correct core?

That screen looks like you are trying to start another core. What device it this?

I’m using the iOS app on my iPhone

The go back does not give you an option to just connect to the core?

Yes it does but I get the same error … it shows only one core

What build number is the remote you are running? It looks to me like the Nucleus is running an old build. Is it a brand new unit?
If you can get to the WebUI I would try re-installing the OS.

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For the heck of it I hit deauthorize… and it words … no idea why since I only have one core

So it works now? Can you go to settings\about and see if there is an update available for your Nucleus?

The first thing to do when powering up a new Nucleus is to update the firmware. @bearFNF has posted the link to the Updating Nucleus article. Please follow the steps given in the article.

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