Can’t update Nucleus+ to 2.0

Hit update all. Remote is now 1.8 build 1105 while Nucleus is 1.8 build 1021
Get an error when trying to update the Nucleus and says software is not compatible.
Please help!

Hi Freehand,

I’m moving this to the support section…

I think this is a misleading message and there is a problem with the download site, or some such thing.

@support there seems to be a number of problems like this being reported, both with Nucleus (which is obviously not incompatible) and especially with ROCK machines that nonetheless have the proper specs to run v2.0.

Probably really busy, but this seems to be the cause of many troubling posts on the forum.


I also cannot update to 2.0 on my iPad running 15.6.1

I have a 6th generation iPad. I deleted Roon app, and now i am trying to reinstall to 2.0. Not happening. Just a spinning icon. ANY Help would be appreciated. Thanks all