Can the Roon database be located on a NAS?

If my current MacBook would fail my music will be OK on my NAS, but my Roon metadata edits, audio analysis, settings and so on would be gone. And what happens if my wife installs Roon on her laptop, wouldn’t she then have to re-do everything I have done on my laptop?

Imagine that the Roon database was stored on a NAS instead of ~/Library/Roon (on Mac OS X).

  1. Couldn’t I then start Roon on any computer and always be up-to-date?
    (I realise that some method to handle simultaneous write operations is needed.)

  2. The NAS RAID would provide some degree of “backup” and a proper backup of the database would be easy to do.

I may have misunderstood completely how this works but just “thinking out loud”…

This would not work, and would almost certainly result in corruption.

The best way to allow multiple people in your home to share access to the same database is to run one Roon instance as a server, preferably on a machine that’s relatively stable and available, and then run other machines as remote controls.

Thanks Brian!

Right now we only have two laptops but we are thinking about getting a Mac Mini in the future and that would then be the natural candidate for that role.