Can we have a bit more information on that Roon Ready/Tested partners list, please?

The list has grown a lot!
It would be nice to see at first glance the main features of these partner audio products. A little table with main features would help to spot the right device in that long list!
I - for my part - am looking for just an Ethernet to AES/EBU (XLR) or optical (SPDIF/TOSlink) output device to feed my active speakers. Hard to find within dozen’s of recommended DAC’s… (maybe there’s none??)
I understood a standard Ravenna device will not do it as ROCK does not natively support Ravenna. I would need to run the core on a Win or Mac box…

Hello @Andreas_Thiel,

Thanks for your feedback, we agree that more could be done here to help our users find the best devices for their needs. While I am unable to comment on the specifics or timelines, I can say that we have plans to address many of the points of your feedback in the pipeline, so stay tuned!