Can you control Roon Volume with Denafrips dac?

Can you control Roon Volume with Denefrips dac?

I think you mean Roon control the Denafrips volume. I very much doubt it as they are pure dacs looking at them and not digital preamps. Happy to be corrected here. For Roon to control volume the device has to allow volume control oover USB which many do not. You would likely need to use a bridge or streamer that supports DSP volume in Roon.

Denefrips says they released a firmware that adds usb volume control. But I’d like to confirm that with the Roon crew before buying.


The 3.14 code release was specifically for USB volume control. So yes, the Denafrips DACs do support USB volume control if they are running that code release.

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Any possibility someone can post a screenshot of the signal path of a Denefrips with volume controls on?
I’m thinking of a Pontus or an Ares but they have a “no return” policy.

Still interested in seeing the signal path with volume control.

Alvin at Vinshine Audio sent me this pic showing Roon using volume controls:


Interesting, thanks. Don’t see it using Asio, so DSD without conversion doesn’t seem likely, unless they have some proprietary stuff going on.