Can you play 24/192 files with the Nucleus

Hello, I want to buy a Roon Nucleus, I have an SSD with 2 TB albums. I am leaning towards the Nucleus and not the Plus due to the price. However, since I have quite a few Flac albums in 24/192 and DSD, I’m not sure if I can play them then, I think I read that the Nucleus plays a maximum of 24/96 files. Is this correct?

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Should be able to,

The Nucleus does not play anything really, it will just pass on the music to a dac of your choice and that will be the limiting factor on resolution.
A Nucleus should be good for 24/768 pcm and even dsd512 processing power wise unless you are doing a lot of other heavy lifting with it as well.


Hello, thank you for your help, your support

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24bit/192kHz works fine (of course) with the Nucleus. Even 24bit/768kHz (or beyond).


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