Can you use an audio endpoint as the audio source in Roon

Is there a way to use a Bluesound node as the audio source in Roon? I have a Naim CD5SI as an input through a coax cable from a Prima Luna amp to the Node. The Node is connected via ethernet cable to an Asus Zen router on a mesh network. I’d like to set this as the audio source to stream CDs throughout my home but haven’t been able to navigate Roon settings to identify the Node as a source.

The short answer is no that’s not possible.

The slight longer answer is, that’s not possible in Roon, however, there are 3 party devices / software that can take an audio input and convert it into an internet radio stream that Roon can “tune” into.

Check out the #tinkering section of the forum, iirc there has been some discussion on this.

Ok, will do!


Entrypoints is a community extension that will do what Rugby says.

Great! Thanks